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Exerfly Bench

Use with:
Icon of Platform Platform

The Bench is an accessory for the Exerfly Platform.

The Bench lets you easily do exercises like bench press, incline bench press, flys, hip thrusts, Bulgarian Squats and other exercises. It even inclines to a vertical seat. The Bench slides on in any direction on the Platform.

  • Colour: Black
  • Length: (mm/1140 - in/44.8)
  • Width: (mm/270 - in/10.6)
  • Height: (mm/685 - in/26.9)
  • Footprint: (mm/2095 - in/82.5)
  • Weight: (kg/16.5 - lbs/36.4)


  • Spring Pin, Bench Post: AL 5005
  • Seat Beam: AL 5005
  • Tilt Bar: Mild Steel
  • Bench Spacer: Mild Steel
  • Mounting Pad: MIld Steel
  • Bench Seat: Plywood, Vinyl
  • Painting:Powdercoat Electro Blue Night, Zinc Plate

Product Specs: Hole Spacing: 5°x3 10°x7

Compatibility: Exerfly Platform


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