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Combo: Slider + Portable Mounting Bracket

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Get the Slider and Portable Mounting Bracket as one package to make it easy to mount your Exerfly Portable to a gym rack and perform rotational and upper body movements.


The Portable Mounting Bracket lets you easily attach your Exerfly Portable to any vertical pole for upperbody and rotational exercises.

It can either be attached permanently to a wall or post, or attached with tie downs.

Additionally, combined with the Exerfly Slider you can attach it to a squat rack and easily adjust the height.


Made in NZ

Colour: Steel

Length: (mm/210- in/8.27)

Width: (mm/200 - in/7.8)

Height: (mm/64- in/2.5)

Footprint: (mm/474 - in/18.6)

Weight: (kg/1.8 - lb/3.9)

Product Specs: 

Compatability: Exefly Portable

Materials:  Steel


The Exerfly Slider is an adjustable mounting bracket which attaches to any gym rack and allows the user to quickly adjust the height of the Exerfly rack mounted flywheel equipment.


Fits any gym rack uprights from 50mm x 50mm to 100mm x 100mm (2" x 2" to 4" x 4") and all combinations inbetween (Square and rectangle). 


Made in NZ

Colour: Black

Length: (mm/320- in/12.6)

Width: (mm/193 - in/7.6)

Height: (mm/90 - in/3.5)

Footprint: (mm/603 - in/23.7)

Weight: (kg/3.3 - lb/7.2)

Product Specs: 3000kg Break Point

Compatability: Exefly Rack Mount

Materials: Mild Steel, Black High Density Poly Ethylene

Icon Made in New Zealand
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