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Benefits of Flywheel Training, with Nick Bolton

"For so long, we have relied on conventional resistance training based on gravity to improve our strength and athletic ability. Whilst many domains of strength training have been explored over the years, a new training method has become increasingly prominent in the athletic arena in recent years - Flywheel training."

What is Flywheel Training?

Flywheel training is unique in the fact that it utilizes kinetic energy transferred to a flywheel, facilitating eccentric overload and constant resistance throughout the entire range of a movement. Exerfly harnesses Flywheel training to focus on eccentric muscle training. Eccentric movement occurs when a muscle lengthens whilst producing force, with resistance in the eccentric phase being almost impossible to stimulate with traditional weights. At Exerfly, our goal is to help athletes perform at their peak - that’s why we created a safer, reliable, and more effective training model.

What are the results of flywheel training?

Many sporting experts favour eccentric training as it can stimulate increases in muscle size and strength more effectively than movements with traditional gym equipment. A study investigating flywheel training found that over a 4-week period, participants increased their squatting power by 51% and saw an average quadriceps muscle gain of 8.6%.

What is currently happening in the flywheel training scene?

In our post-Covid climate, many gyms have become obsolete or unreliable, so the need for new, dependable training methods is clear. For many athletes, coaches, and personal trainers, the ability to access an entire gym on a small or even portable footprint allows them to continue training their athletes and clients to the best of their ability.

What are the benefits of Flywheel Training?

The benefits of exercise on our overall mental and physical health are significant, contributing to improvements in blood pressure, mental clarity, and joint health.

Why Exerfly?

Exerfly provides a dependable all-in-one training solution. Exerfly equipment can simulate a diverse range of exercises from heavy strength-based training to rehabilitation. Exerfly equipment is easy to store, transport, and travel with. But most importantly, Exerfly generates incredible, quantifiable results, as shown by our huge range of global clients, including The All Blacks, The LA Dodgers, Wolverhampton Wanderers, High-Performance Sport NZ Australia, Great Britain, Canada Olympics, Multiple Gold-Medallist Olympians worldwide ...and many, many more!

Nick Bolton, co-founder of Exerfly, is a New Zealand track and field athlete, strength and conditioning enthusiast, and software engineer. Coming from an impressive tech background, Nick founded Mailwasher, the first email filtering software before venturing into flywheel training. As a Masters track athlete, Nick needed equipment that allowed him and his friends at NZ Olympics to remain injury free whilst competing at the highest level. Wanting to combine his two passions, software and fitness, he sought out to create something that was effective and quantifiable. After meeting Jordan Barron, together they founded Exerfly in 2015, and set out to reinvent the flywheel. Since then, Exerfly has captured the attention of leading sports figures worldwide, and continues to push boundaries with its equipment. Today, Nick still competes in track and field athletics and came 4th in the recent open national championship, whilst managing the production of Exerfly in Christchurch.

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