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BLK BOX x Exerfly Press Release

BLK BOX's goal is simple, to become the best fitness equipment company in the world. Taking a hands-on approach in the designing, manufacturing and delivering of their equipment, BLX BOX wants nothing but the best service and experience for their customers. Experts in assembling facilities of all shapes, sizes and functions, BLK BOX have been transforming spaces into gyms for the past 10 years. With a team of high quality engineers and top customer service agents, BLK BOX is committed to designing products and experiences that push athletes further. This includes creating custom equipment, beyond logos and colours, tailoring unique solutions from concept to completion.

As one of the biggest equipment brands in Europe, BLK BOX reached out to add Exerfly to their offering and was excited about the technical advances, as they want to stock the best devices on the market. The BLK BOX team hold the same values as Exerfly, producing high quality equipment and maintaining excellent customer service, consolidating a strong partnership. As BLK BOX had completed a comprehensive fit out solution for Aston Villa, which also the Exerfly team has also worked with and was excited to work with another leading fitness company that had marked its presence in the elite sports space.

In 2022, BLK BOX announced themselves as a distributor for Exerfly, consolidating itself as an official distributor site in the UK. British customers can now browse through a large selection of Exerfly equipment and accessories through the BLK BOX website, and enjoy free technical support, quick shipping from their distribution centre in Northern Ireland as well as various payment options. Customers can enjoy a free demo on how to use Exerfly and the science behind flywheel training through the BLK BOX website.

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