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How it all began

Exerfly began from humble beginnings back in 2015, when co-founder Nick Bolton started making flywheel prototypes out of wood and steel in his home garage. As a high performance runner, Nick wanted to create a training tool that would allow him to get stronger, faster, injury free and perform better - by training eccentrically.

Nick’s first attempts were what he deemed as “questionable” and many challenges involved with sourcing quality, durable equipment were encountered along the way. It was soon clear that this project was turning into something much bigger.

A significant challenge arose when trying to find a suitable rope or webbing that was strong enough to withstand the dynamic movements. It took Nick over a year to find a suitable material and even when he did, the catch was having to buy 2 kilometres of it. First, it was the ropes, then it became the clamps - and the machinery required to create each element of the Exerfly. Every single prototype Nick created would eventually break from over-use.

The Exerfly may look relatively simplistic, an all in one solution, but behind every world-class feature, there are years of hard work, failed prototypes and fine-tuning. Even the tiniest of details have taken weeks to months to get right.

On top of all the physical adjustments and fine-tuning, customer wishes quickly became another important consideration for Exerfly.

Can we add a sensor to get feedback on an app?

Can you make a travel friendly version?

Can we add a motor to make it really hard for the athlete?

Years of innovation and product refinement is behind all of our Exerfly products. We are constantly aiming to create a more user-friendly product for our customers, their needs have shaped certain features that are distinctive to Exerfly.

In order to create a product that is equally advantageous for both coaches and athletes, all Exerfly equipment can feature a sensor - allowing immediate workout metrics such as power, force, energy and speed to be recorded and available on the Exerfly app. This is an ideal feature for coaches to be able to closely monitor their athletes in real-time.

Another feature that needed to be considered for Exerfly, was its portability. With the need for coaches and trainers to often bring gym equipment to their clients or travel the world with their Athletes whilst still having access to world-class training equipment. Due to its ability to be packed down quickly and fit into your suitcase - the Exerfly Portable is a dependable training solution that you can take anywhere.

Finally, what really sets Exerfly apart from other flywheel training models is its motorised technology feature. This took two years of rigorous development, patience and the physical fatigue from testing in order to create a model that was capable of facilitating a hugely intense workout. The motorized feature allows the user to set an eccentric overload percentage via our app, meaning that during the performed exercise, the motor will overload the eccentric phase. This feature makes the Exerfly capable of performing a diverse range of exercises, from strength-based training to more intricate rehabilitation exercises depending on the athlete’s need.

Exerfly is founded on the belief that we should all be able to perform at our best - through a safer and more efficient training model. Worldclass coaches such as Will Collins strongly believe that not only elite athletes, but everyone should train with an Exerfly - for performance, maintenance or rehabilitation goals - the Exerfly is the one piece of fitness equipment that can do what other machines can’t. The support of highly regarded fitness experts are a testament to the innovation and quality of Exerfly products.

Today, Jordan and Nick have built a strong, people-focused team and are working with world-class coaches all over the globe. Nick is still innovating, just like when Exerfly began, only this time, Exerfly is a market leader on a global scale.

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