How to change flywheels

This quick video shows how to change flywheels, and use a tool to tighten or loosen the end cap if necessary.

How to adjust the rope clamp

The rope clamp is a simple high performance clamp to ensure there's no slippage on the rope between you and the flywheel under high force. The higher the force, the harder it clamps ensuring your form stays constant during the hardest workouts. Quick and easy to adjust for each exercise, the clamp can be used with any accessory.
Made from aircraft aluminum, and high performance custom rubber, it clamps with a force of 1.5 tonnes.

Attach the foot block

The foot block enables users to do lateral leg exercises for those sports which require change of direction. Also useful for glute activation and elevation of the foot for calf raises.

Attach the bench

This show you how to add the bench to the Exerfly Portable and move it around.
The bench lets you easily do exercises like bench press, hip thrusts, Bulgarian Squats and other exercises. It even inclines to allow incline bench press. It slides on in any direction.

How to put on and use the squat harness

The squat harness gives users the confidence to approach squats with ease. The harness spreads the load across the shoulders and lower back so it's much more comfortable to use and is more forgiving for those with improper technique.

How to change the rope

The rope is very strong, but over time it may wear down. It's easy to change the rope, or cut off part the existing rope and use that.

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