Exerfly App Details

Get feedback on your exercises for each rep of energy, speed, time, force, power and much more with the Exerfly app.

Unlike traditional weights, the app gives you useful feedback to measure your progress.
The app also controls the optional motor to give a percentage boost to the eccentric phase of an exercise. Available on all mobile devices and desktop/laptop computers. Translated to 6 languages.

Get the App:

Access the app at https://app.exerflysport.com and either view in your browser or downloads as a standalone app.

See the App Help for more details on connecting to the app from the Exerfly equipment.

Statistics include:

Speed, Torque, Force, Rate of force development, Peak rate of force development, Time to peak rate of force development, Energy, Power, RPM. Statistics can be shown visually or spoken.

How does it work?

A rotational sensor provides real-time data at 4000 times/second. Using the inertia of the flywheel, RPM, time and direction from the sensor, energy in the flywheel can be calculated, along with force, power, speed, torque and many other statistics.

Works with:

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and IOS.

Motor option:

Configure rate of eccentric overload from 1% upwards

Screenshots and Video:

Exerfly Flywheel Training Reps

A selection of choices when to stop reps.



Exerfly Flywheel Training App Graph


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