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Easily vary the resistance with flywheels.

The Exerfly flywheels are available in three different inertial loads.

0.1 kg.m2 (Red)
0.05 kg.m2 (Blue)
0.025 kg.m2 (Yellow)

The Exerfly can take a huge 0.7kg.m2 or 7 large flywheels, which is really pushing the limits.

The flywheels are attached via a quick release screw cap. It makes changing flywheels quick and easy.


Fast and responsive. Get the most out of your workouts.

The Exerfly Rack Mount uses an aluminum shaft with super smooth hybrid ceramic bearings to ensure friction is reduced. This means you get the most speed and response from your workouts.

Additionally, the Rack Mount allows you to perform heavy and fast exercises for strength and power. There's no delay or snapback in going from the concentric to the eccentric phase of motion.


Heavy-duty components built to last and perform.

Custom made, heavy-duty, abrasion resistant rope with a breaking strain of 3 tons is used to cope with the most intense workouts and ensure longevity.

A heavy duty rope clamp made from aircraft aluminum with a grip strength of 1.5 tons is used to ensure there's no slippage of the rope. The higher the force the harder it clamps, ensuring your form stays constant during the hardest workouts.


Get instant feedback on all aspects of your exercises.

An optional sensor provides feedback on a wide range of metrics such as power, force, energy, and speed measurements for each rep.

Unlike traditional weights where you're limited to measurements in kg's or lbs, the app gives you trackable data to measure your progress with effortless accountability.

The app works on all mobile devices and desktop/laptop computers and is translated into 6 languages. Discover more


Get up and running quickly.

The Exerfly Rack Mount attaches to a squat rack with 2 bolts and wingnuts. Attach a flywheel or two and start your exercises.

With the optional Rack Mount Slider, you can pull a simple pin and slide the Rack Mount up and down the squat rack with ease.

This means quicker transition times between exercises with different height requirements, and more time under tension, so you can truly get the most out of your workout.


The best of upper and lower body exercises.

The Rack Mount allows a wide range of upper and lower body exercises, as well as horizontal and rotational movements.

Now, you can train single arm pulls and pushes, rotational exercises, abdominal exercises, shoulder rehabilitation, and real sports movements such as swinging, throwing, swimming, rowing, and punching.

The Rack Mount is also ideal for lower body sports movements such as kicking, cycling, running, and a wide range of lower-body exercises.


Take your workout to the next level.

The Eccentric Max motorised technology can also be added to the Rack Mount for an added eccentric overload of up to 80%.

Typically, resistance is directly based on the input force of the athlete - the more force you put in, the more force you'll get out.

With the motorised technology, you can extend yourself even further, adding an extra resistance boost in the eccentric phase to take your training to new heights.


Enhance your workouts with these essential accessories.

Accessories include the Rack Mount slider to easily slide the Rack Mount up and down the squat rack between exercises, ankle cuffs, hand grips, and a selection of long and short bars to give you a wide range of exercise options.

Additionally, you can use most of your favorite accessories with the Rack Mount. Extra rope and Flywheels are also available to purchase for extra intensity, and a flywheel holder which can be wall or floor mounted.

A large range of exercise tutorial and support videos

Frequently Asked Questions.


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Exerfly Portable

The Exerfly Portable is a lightweight and robust piece of equipment for flywheel training.

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Exerfly Rack Mount

The Exerfly Rack Mount is a simple set up that can be attached to any gym rack to train horizontal & rotational movements,

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Exerfly Platform

The Exerfly Platform is a stable multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

No risk, hassle free

  • I love meeting other professionals all over the world who are just as excited as I am to be a part of the Exerfly experience. It’s exciting to innovate, explore, and discover new capabilities of the product, and of myself. Pate Young
    Fitness Coach & CEO of Gladiator. Clients include chiros, Physiotherapists, LMT’s, and other fitness professionals. Known for balancing the body and working in cumulative care with body workers and physicians using a holistic approach, increasing neural activity to skeletal muscle.

  • The biggest benefit of the Exerfly is the constant resistance and the reduced pressure on the body. Whatever you give, it gives back to you. It’s also very portable, so you can take it with you anywhere you go, all over the world. It’s just this incredible piece of equipment that can really do anything and everything. Joseph Parker
    Professional NZ Boxer and Heavyweight champion. Previously held the WBO heavyweight title from 2016 – 2018. Multiple regional heavyweight championships including the WBO Oriental, Africa, and Oceania titles; as well as the PABA, OPBF, and NZ titles.

  • With the high demands of flying around the world and being limited for facilities and equipment, the Portable Exerfly has given us the ability to keep loading and improving the physical attributes with many different exercise options. Using the Exerfly while touring, we’ve found strength gains have been maintained or improved and resilience has continued. Chris Donaldson
    Two-time NZ Olympic Sprinter. Current strength and conditioning coach for NZ National Cricket Team, the Black Caps. Strength and conditioning coach of IPL franchise Kolkata Knight Riders.

  • So many athletes who have dedicated their lives to training are burnt out with serious injuries after only a few years. From a coaching standpoint, it is very important to do your research and invest in good equipment – to better understand and participate in your sport. Using the best equipment like the Exerfly means that training takes less time, is a lot safer and therefore the athletes can focus on other things as well. Marcin Rutkowski
    Strength & Conditioning Coach, Crossfit Athlete.


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