Quick Questions and Answers

Q. How many flywheels can the Portable version hold?

A. It can hold 7 large flywheels for a total inertia of 0.7kg.m2 although most strong people find 4 large flywheels quite challenging.

Q. What is the size and weight of the Exerfly Portable?

A. The top measures 800 x 540mm (53" x 41") and the unit weighs 10kg (22lbs) without flywheels.

Q. How much do the flywheels weigh?

A. The large flywheel weighs 5kg, the medium flywheel weighs 3.5kg and the small flywheel weighs 2.5kg

Q. Is the Exerfly Portable solid and stable?

A. Yes, even though it's lightweight and made of plywood, it's very robust and well balanced. The plywood has a breaking strain of 540kg (1190lbs) and the unit comes with a 1 year warranty.

Q. Can I order an additional flywheel?

A. Yes, just add another flywheel to the order at checkout. If you wish to change anything before shipping, let us know.

Q. Does it come with the sensor and app for workout feedback?

A. No, this will need to be added at the time of order and installed before shipping.

Q. Can I order the sensor afterwards and install it myself?

A. Yes you can. It screws in to the back of the shaft and is easy to install.


Anywhere in the world. We'll give you a range of shipping options and prices when you inquire.

Alternatively, you are welcome to collect from our office in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Shipping is calculated at the cart checkout, so add the products to the shopping cart and you'll get a shipping cost.

For the Exerfly Platform, expect to pay USD250-350 depending on location.

Any local taxes or import taxes are your responsibility. You may be charged a local sales tax and customs duty on the importation of the Exerfly Equipment.

Customers in New Zealand will be charged GST (Goods and Services Tax) or 15%.

Warranty and Guarantee

1 year on all parts except parts that are subject to normal wear and tear such as rope, non-slip surface, paint surface and rubber feet.

If you are not 100% happy with the product , within 30 days of purchase you can return the product at your shipping cost for a 100% refund of your purchase price.

About Flywheel Training

Flywheel training provides resistance but instead of using gravity, you use the force of your muscles to accelerate and decelerate a flywheel. One of the main advantages with using a flywheel machine like Exerfly is that your muscles are always under a constant load at all points and angles of the movement. Your muscles, tendons and ligaments constantly work and build strength over the whole range and angles of motion because there are no pauses or easy parts in the movements.

To overload the eccentric phase with the Exerfly, you can have a partner give additional force in the concentric phase, which then results in an overload in the eccentric phase. Other techniques are shown in the videos section.

Flywheel training is very safe because you can vary the resistance as you do the exercise to make it harder or easier.

Additionally, when doing squats using the squat harness the pressure is spread across your back and is much more comfortable than using a barbell.


See the video about how to change the rope on https://exerflysport.com/pages/platform-setup-how-to

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Exerfly Portable

The Exerfly Portable is a lightweight and robust piece of equipment for flywheel training.

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Exerfly Rack Mount

The Exerfly Rack Mount is a simple set up that can be attached to any gym rack to train horizontal & rotational movements,

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Exerfly Platform

The Exerfly Platform is a stable multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

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