Why Exerfly training?

One of the fundamental points which sets flywheel training apart from conventional training methods is how flywheel energy is utilized to work muscles and provide constant resistance throughout the entire movement, making it easier to overload muscles eccentrically.

You know that to have the best business model and client experience, it is important to be using the best equipment to give your clients the opportunity to get the results they desire in the shortest time period.

Recent studies have shown with flywheel training:

  • 30% increase in force and 50% increase in concentric and eccentric power over 4 weeks. Over the period, the participants gained 8.6% in muscle mass.
  • Flywheel training for a period of 4-24 weeks showed statistically significant increases in all strength aspects.
  • Reduction in muscle-injury incidence and severity and showed improvements in common soccer tasks such as jumping ability and linear-sprinting speed.

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