Why Exerfly training?

Flywheel training is a relatively new method of training that facilitates constant resistance and eccentric overload. Many sporting experts favour eccentric training due to its impressive ability to increase muscle size and strength more effectively than conventional strength training. A study investigating flywheel training and its effects on hypertrophy and muscle strength saw a 51% increase in squat power and an 8.6% increase in quadriceps mass over a 4 week period.

The Exerfly allows athletes to train in ways that suit their specific needs and fits into any programme. From heavy-duty strength training to build power to intricate rehabilitation exercises, Exerfly is capable of any resistance-based training style that you need.

The solution for strength and conditioning.

What sets Exerfly apart from other flywheel training models is the motorised technology feature. This allows the user to set an eccentric overload percentage via our app, meaning that during the performed exercise, the motor will overload the eccentric phase. This feature makes the Exerfly capable of performing a diverse range of exercises, from strength-based training to more intricate rehabilitation exercises depending on the athlete’s need. We have a range of products and accessories - allowing athletes to have access to high-quality, multi-functional methods of training whether they are at home or travelling. These include:

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