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Eccentric Max - Choose your Eccentric Overload

Quick Questions and Answers

Q. Can I add in the motor option after delivery?
A. No, it's a complicated install with very high current electrics.

Q. What are the voltage requirements for the motor?
A. The motor can accept 110-240volts. If using 110volts, then the motor will only output 66% of the power.

Q. Can I engage/disengage the motor?
A. No, it's not able to be disengaged. It does add slightly more friction/work needed to the concentric phase.

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Exerfly Portable

The Exerfly Portable is a lightweight and robust piece of equipment for flywheel training.

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Exerfly Rack Mount

The Exerfly Rack Mount is a simple set up that can be attached to any gym rack to train horizontal & rotational movements,

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Exerfly Platform

The Exerfly Platform is a stable multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

No risk, hassle free

  • It’s especially useful for training fast bowlers. With the Exerfly, we are able to train in the sagittal plane and eccentrically overload parts of the bowling action that is not possible with any other machine. Ross Dewar
    Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Worcester Cricket Club and co-founder of Cricket Strength

  • The boys are finding it a real challenge, and we are seeing signs of the transfer on the field which is great. Blair Mills
    All Blacks Sevens Rugby Strength and Conditioning Coach, Chiefs Rugby Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Using the squatting motion on the Exerfly mimics the experience of a sprinter coming out of the block. The Exerfly allows athletes to master their first step, by facilitating mimicry at the highest level. Will Collins
    World Class Sprint Coach, Professional Speed/Biomechanics Specialist, Founder of Fast University. Trained Tiffany Townsend, world’s fastest high schooler 2007; Hezikiah Jones, world fastest 200m at 14 years old 2014 and many more. Currently coaching 3 athletes rated US TOP 10 in the 60m and 200m.

  • It has been working incredibly well, exercises are endless - limited by imagination only. Jeremy Mccoll
    Athletics NZ Pole Vault Coach. Coached multiple Pole Vault champions to success, including Eliza McCartney, who won bronze at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

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