Analyze the effect of an eccentric-overload training program in elite junior soccer players.

Study markers of muscle damage and training adaptations to eccentric-overload flywheel resistance exercise in men and women.

To evaluate whether a preseason strength training programme for the hamstring muscle group - emphasising eccentric overloading with a flywheel - could affect the occurrence and severity of hamstring injuries in elite male soccer players.

Study comparing weights vs non-gravity resistance using a flywheel to work the quadraceps muscle in potential zero-gravity conditions.

Assess the early changes in muscle size and architecture during a 35-day high-intensity resistance training program.

Flywheel resistance training calls for greater eccentric muscle activation than weight training.

Blood lactate and hormonal responses to prototype flywheel ergometer workouts.

Neuromuscular and balance responses to flywheel inertial versus weight training in older persons.

The effects of eccentric versus concentric resistance training on muscle strength and mass in healthy adults.

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Exerfly Portable

The Exerfly Portable is a lightweight and robust piece of equipment for flywheel training.

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Exerfly Rack Mount

The Exerfly Rack Mount is a simple set up that can be attached to any gym rack to train horizontal & rotational movements,

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Exerfly Platform

The Exerfly Platform is a stable multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

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