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Portable Flywheel Training Equipment
Lightweight, portable and robust equipment for flywheel training

Your elite gym in a box
From 7.5kg/16.5lbs*

Your complete Portable Gym


Control the weight with your force

Unlimited movements

Attach to any vertical structure and use as a platform

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Introducing the Portable

Introducing the Portable

The Exerfly Portable is the ideal training solution for users on the go or training with limited space. Offering a full gym set-up, the Portable is lightweight, quick to assemble, and can be packed into a bag effortlessly for transport or storage. Now you can train your way - from home, from the park, the office, or all around the world.

Featuring an optional sensor and a removable top that can be attached to any vertical structure to train rotational and lateral movements, the Portable provides a totally versatile method of training. The Portable features carefully engineered high-quality hybrid ceramic bearings, ensuring friction is reduced so users can achieve maximum speed and response. We also use a single rope system to prevent tangling during workouts, allowing for a smooth and seamless experience.

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Versatility Reimagined

Versatility Reimagined

With the ability to train a full and extensive range of movements, the Portable is reimagining versatility for gym equipment. With Flywheels ranging from inertias of 0.01kg-m2 to 0.7kg-m2, you can train with a variety of different weights, providing different muscle stimuli.

With just one piece of equipment, the Portable allows athletes to train lower body exercises like squats and lunges; upper body exercises like bicep curls and tricep extensions; horizontal movements like lateral arm pulls or punches; and rotational exercises like throwing or woodchoppers.

Reach Peak Performance

Reach Peak Performance

The Exerfly Portable is a piece of equipment that will take your training to the next level, pushing you to peak performance with incredible results. Used all over the world by leading athletes, sports teams, and Olympians, the Portable is designed to push you further.

When training eccentrically in a safe and measurable way, Exerfly users have shown significant increases in strength, speed, and explosiveness. The Flywheel's constant resistance has proven to increase muscle hypertrophy and convert fast-twitch muscle fibers, magnifying force absorption and production.

Starting at 3507
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Transform your Portable

Transform your Portable

With a removable top that can be attached to any vertical structure (such as a tree, pole, or squat rack), the Exerfly Portable enables you to train horizontal, vertical, and rotational movements. This is especially beneficial for arm, shoulder, and core exercises, providing smooth and constant resistance in rotational movements such as throwing or rowing.

Exerfly users such as the LA Dodgers use this function when training on the road to replicate the throwing motion used in baseball. Gareth Ziyambi, a physiotherapist for A2Z Elite health, recently reported a 30-40% increase in rotator cuff strength among diving athletes using the Exerfly Portable over just a few weeks.

Also, add the Portable Rack Mount to the Slider which can attach any squat rack between 50x50mm to 100x100mm for ease of movements between different vertical and horizontal exercises. This is great for when you are travelling or in a gym to add efficiency to your workouts.

Travel with ease

Travel with ease

Lightweight, compact, and able to be packed down and set up in minutes, the Portable is the perfect solution for travelling athletes, sports teams, or physiotherapists. The Portable weighs just 7.5kgs without Flywheels and is able to fit into a bag.

Originally designed as a travelling gym for New Zealand athletes (such as the NZ Black Caps cricket and NZ Olympics teams), the Portable offers a solution to athletes travelling or on the go during competition season, allowing sports teams to take their gym with them for better consistency.

Starting at 3507
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Physio & Rehabilitation

Physio & Rehabilitation

The Portable is often used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, catering for a wide range of injuries such as hip or ankle rotational work, and allowing users to regain muscle strength in a safer, low-risk way.

The vertical set-up of the Portable is ideal for upper body rehabilitation exercises and injury management, especially for shoulder and rotational work. The Portable allows athletes to train at highly customisable levels of resistance, meaning the end force is paced by the performance of the user, creating a safe controlled environment.

Real-time Feedback

Real-time Feedback

Most Exerfly equipment features an in-built sensor that tracks and monitors your workouts at 4,000 data points per second, rep to rep. The sensor then provides feedback and detailed statistics on the user's performance, sending it directly to the Exerfly app, where athletes can monitor their performance or forward it to a coach or physiotherapist for external monitoring.

Our technology enables users to track changes in their performance, which is crucial for athletes wanting to see improvement in their results. The sensor can be connected via WiFi or Bluetooth, bringing a whole new level of flexibility to your training regime. Our all-new app is streamlined to meet your every training need.

Train Real Sports Movements

Train Real Sports Movements

With Exerfly, you can train real sports movements. Whether that be throwing, punching, swinging a bat, kicking or rowing- the Exerfly Portable caters for it all.

Flywheel training enables athletes to create highly customisable setups that target musculature underlying sporting movements. Our Exerfly equipment has the capability to target key factors such as hypertrophy and endurance, which results in more efficient performance. This is possible due to our unique technology that gauges force production based on the power of the athlete, allowing them to train specific qualities pertaining to performance demands such as braking and reaccelerating.

Quick Change Weights

A girl exercises on the exerfly flywheel training platform at home

Quick Change Weights

In absence of heavy weights, resistance adjustments are much quicker with Exerfly than with conventional weight training, making it ideal for group training sessions where you can get through several athletes and movements very quickly. Up to seven large Flywheels (or 0.7kg·m²) can be used at a time, secured by a special screw cap to ensure that the Flywheels remain tightly fastened.

The Exerfly Flywheels are available in four different inertial loads:

Scientific Studies

Scientific research on flywheel training

Scientific Studies

With years of scientific research behind it, Flywheel training has been shown to produce incredible results in terms of strength and power increases.

A meta-analysis was conducted across 20 studies, aimed to identify the effects of Flywheel training on multiple strength-related variables affecting athletic performance. It found that during a period of 4-24 weeks, Flywheel training showed statistically significant increases in all strength aspects. You can read the full study here .


  • Material

    Fibreglass composite, 7075 Aluminium, Plastic

  • Size

    800 x 540mm (31.5" x 21")

  • Resistance

    up to 500kg/1102llbs of resistance

  • Flexibility

    Attach to any vertical structure (e.g. tree, post, squat rack) clip on and off

  • Weight

    7.5kg/16.5lbs (excl accessories and flywheels)

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