Exerfly Motor 'Eccentric Max' Option

Eccentric Max - select your eccentric overload

Eccentric Max utilizes smart electric motor technology to allow you to select your desired eccentric overload.

The motor is used to provide more energy to the flywheel in the form of increased speed in the eccentric phase of a movement. The sensor measures the amount of energy produced by a user in the concentric phase of a movement and tells the motor to add more energy to the eccentric phase of a movement.

Users can choose from 0 - 80% overload.

The benefits of eccentric training are well documented and include increased strength, muscle power, hypertrophy, athletic performance and muscle type conversion.

The sensor provides real-time feedback to the user on such metrics as speed, time, force, energy, power and much more.

Note: This is recommended for healthy, trained individuals only as it can be very intense and add a significant amount of stress on a users muscles. Users get very fatigued very quickly.

See this video of an eccentric overload with the motor option.

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