Exerfly Platform Advanced

The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform designed for home or gym use. The Exerfly Platform caters for the novice user through to the elite athlete, whether for training or rehabilitation purposes.

Perform a virtually unlimited range of exercises all in a compact footprint, and get more out of your workout by experiencing constant resistance through the entire range of motion. Can fit up to 7 flywheels.

The Exerfly Platform Advanced includes:

Exerfly Platform
1 x squat harness
2 x large flywheels
1 x medium flywheel
1 x small flywheel
2 x Rope clamps
2 x Stirrup handles
1 x long bar
1 x short bar
Sensor + app
Exerfly Bench
Foot Block


Eccentric Max Motor Add-On

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