Exerfly Platform

The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform designed for home or gym use. The Exerfly Platform caters for the novice user through to the elite athlete, whether for training or rehabilitation purposes. An optional motor can be added to programmatically boost the eccentric overload. 

Perform a virtually unlimited range of exercises - from squats to incline bench press* - all in a compact footprint, and get more out of your workout by experiencing constant resistance through the entire range of motion. Can fit up to 7 flywheels.

Included Exerfly Accessories

4 x Flywheels
2 x Stirrup Handles
2 x Rope Clamps
1 x Squat Harness
1 x Short Bar
1 x Long Bar
1 x Sensor + App

*The Exerfly Bench is an extra accessory purchased separately. Certain exercises require additional accessories.





Perform an almost unlimited range of exercises

The platform measures 1300 x 1100 (51" x 43") and features a heavy duty non-slip surface. Made out of 3mm aluminum with a protective powder coating, it only weighs 40kg/88lbs.

Additionally, the shafts are made from steel to ensure long lasting use. The Exerfly platform is easily movable by picking up one end and using the wheels to move, or it can also be stacked.


Fast and responsive. Get the most out of your workouts

The Exerfly Platform uses a steel shaft with super smooth hybrid ceramic bearings to ensure friction is reduced so you get the most speed and response from your workouts. Additionally, the Exerfly Platform allows you to perform heavy and fast exercises for strength and power. There's no delay or snapback in going from the concentric to the eccentric phase of motion.


The optional bench lets you do even more exercises.

This bench can be quickly and easily fixed to and removed from the Exerfly Platform to allow many more exercises, and even include a 2nd rope. Bench press, flies, incline bench press, hip thrusts, Bulgarian squats and calf raises are just a few of the many exercises made possible by using the bench.
The bench can tilt to 90 degrees and includes a removable seat for incline or upright exercises.


Get instant feedback about all aspects of your exercises

The platform offers feedback on such metrics as power, force, energy and speed for each rep. Unlike traditional weights, the app gives you useful feedback to measure your progress.
The app also controls the optional motor to give a percentage boost to the eccentric phase of an exercise. Available on all mobile devices and desktop/laptop computers. Translated to 6 languages. View the app page


Heavy Duty components built to last and perform

Custom made heavy duty, abrasion resistant rope with a breaking strain of 3 tons is used to cope with the heaviest workouts and ensure longevity.
A heavy duty rope clamp made from aircraft aluminium with a grip strength of 1.5 tons is used to ensure there's no slippage of the rope.
The higher the force, the harder it clamps ensuring your form stays constant during the hardest workouts.


Easily vary the resistance with Flywheels

The Exerfly flywheels are available in three different inertial loads.

0.1 kg.m2 (Red)
0.05 kg.m2 (Blue)
0.025 kg.m2 (Yellow)

The Exerfly can take a huge 0.7kg.m2 or 7 large flywheels, which is really pushing the limits.

The flywheels are attached via a quick release screw cap. It makes changing flywheels quick and easy.


Get the optional motor to supercharge your workouts

The motor overloads the eccentric part of a movement. Using the app, set the eccentric overload percentage, so during the exercise the motor will overload the eccentric phase. It's faster, harder and you'll feel it, but the benefits of eccentric overload training are well documented in scientific studies to increase strength, performance, hypertrophy, and strengthen ligaments, tendons and muscles to help prevent injury.


Enhance your workouts with these essential accessories

Accessories include the bench, harness, foot blocks, ankle cuffs, hand grips and bars to give you a wide range of exercise options. Additionally, you can use most of your favorite accessories that you already use. Extra rope, rope clamps and flywheels are also available to purchase should you need them.
Additionally, a flywheel and associated equipment holder which can be wall or floor mounted is available.

A large range of exercise tutorial videos and setup/how to's



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