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Exerfly Rack-Mount
Attach to any gym rack to train horizontal & rotational movements

Recreate different horizontal and vertical movements

Increase the eccentric overload to achieve super-maximal force loads

0-unlimited lbs/kg

Achieve unlimited amount of force

Complete versality

Attach to any squat rack

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Introducing the Rack Mount

Introducing the Rack Mount

Dynamic equipment for dynamic athletes
The Exerfly Rack Mount simply attaches to any squat rack to train horizontal & rotational movements and is especially beneficial for shoulder, arm, or torso exercises where twisting or rotational movements are involved. It can also be used for lower body exercises for hips and thighs.

With the optional Rack Mount Slider, advanced motorised technology and high-tech sensor, the Rack Mount can be customised to meet your every need, whether that’s in your home gym or on the road. The Rack Mount features carefully engineered high-quality hybrid ceramic bearings, ensuring friction is reduced so users can achieve maximum speed and response. We also use a single rope system to prevent tangling during workouts, allowing for a smooth and seamless experience.

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Multi-directional and Rotational Movements

Multi-directional and Rotational Movements

Initially designed for New Zealand throwers, the Rack Mount attaches to any squat rack and is especially suited to multi-directional throwing sports, as it allows athletes to recreate real rotational sports movements such as throwing, swinging a bat, or swimming.

The Rack Mount allows upper body exercises such as single-arm pulls and pushes, as well as rotational movements such as throwing, lateral swings, or rowing. It can also be used for exercises such as lateral kicks or single-leg mountain climbers.

All-new Rack Mount Slider

All-new Rack Mount Slider

With the all-new Rack Mount slider accessory, adjusting the Rack-Mount between exercises has never been easier. Simply pull the pin, slide the Rack Mount to your desired position, then release the pin.

The Rack Mount Slider is the perfect accessory for the Rack Mount, allowing for quick transitions between exercises and more time under tension.

Starting at 2184
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Reach Peak Performance

Reach Peak Performance

With the Exerfly Rack Mount, you’ve got access to elite training that can help push you towards peak performance, especially in rotational movements such as throwing, swinging a bat/racket/club, or swimming.

Training with constant resistance allows you to achieve eccentric overload, which in turn is shown to increase muscle hypertrophy, develop fast-twitch muscle fibers, increase speed, power, and explosiveness in muscles, and leads to better overall athletic performance.

Physio & Rehabilitation

Physio & Rehabilitation

The Exerfly Rack-Mount is particularly advantageous for shoulder or upper body rehabilitation. Designed for dynamic movements, the Rack Mount facilitates the rotational exercises necessary for shoulder or rotator cuff exercises.

Proven to show significant benefits for injury prevention as well as injury management, the Rack Mount’s Flywheel technology involves constant resistance, allowing for a fuller training regime that targets all parts of a movement for a rounded, quick recovery.

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Lightweight and Portable

Lightweight and Portable

Our smallest and lightest piece of equipment, the Rack Mount weighs a mere 4kg without Flywheels or accessories. This makes it easy to transport as needed, whether taking it down to the local gym or flying overseas.

The Exerfly Rack Mount uses a steel and aluminium shaft with super-smooth hybrid ceramic bearings to ensure friction is reduced, meaning you get the max speed and response from your workouts.

Advanced Motorized Technology

Advanced Motorized Technology

The Rack Mount can also include Exerfly’s advanced motorized technology, meaning you can take your workouts to the next level with an increased resistance between 1-80% in the eccentric phase.

In-built Sensor

In-built Sensor

The inbuilt sensor can also be added to the Exerfly Rack Mount which records live data at 4000 times per second, allowing athletes and rehabilitation clients to monitor their workout statistics and progress through the Exerfly app.

This allows coaches and athletes to track their performance, and receive real-time feedback on their workouts with a range of different data points including speed, power, force, and torque, to name a few.

Train Real Sports Movements

Train Real Sports Movements

With the Exerfly Rack-Mount, you can train real sports movements with ease. The Rack Mount is often a favourite of sports teams based around movements such as throwing, swinging a bat, rowing, punching, or other rotational based movements.

Combined with its small size, it makes the perfect addition to home gyms or travelling sports teams needing to round out their setup with elite equipment.

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Quick Change Weights

A girl exercises on the exerfly flywheel training platform at home

Quick Change Weights

In absence of heavy weights, resistance adjustments are much quicker with Exerfly than with conventional weight training, making it ideal for group training sessions where you can get through several athletes and movements very quickly. Up to seven large Flywheels (or 0.7kg·m²) can be used at a time, secured by a special screw cap to ensure that the Flywheels remain tightly fastened.

The Exerfly Flywheels are available in four different inertial loads:

Scientific Studies

Scientific research on flywheel training

Scientific Studies

With years of scientific research behind it, Flywheel training has been shown to produce incredible results in terms of strength and power increases.

A meta-analysis was conducted across 20 studies, aimed to identify the effects of Flywheel training on multiple strength-related variables affecting athletic performance. It found that during a period of 4-24 weeks, Flywheel training showed statistically significant increases in all strength aspects. You can read the full study here .


  • Material icon


    Aluminium, Plastic, Steel

  • Size icon


    210 x 430mm (8 x 17 inches)

  • Weight icon


    2-5kg/4-10lbs (excl accessories and flywheels)

  • Power icon



  • Optional Motor icon

    Optional Motor

    110-240v supply
    (110v will only supply 2/3 of output power)

  • Resistance icon


    Unlimited amount of resistance

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