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The Ultimate Flywheel Training Machine

The quicker you spin the flywheel, the more force you produce. The more flywheels you have on the Exerfly, the harder the constant resistance

What is the Exerfly

What is the Exerfly

Exerfly is a high-quality training solution that is built to last. Our equipment is the result of years of close collaboration with the world’s leading sports teams and medical professionals. Together, we've created a gold standard of equipment that has been tried and tested by our global Exerfly community, from elite athletes all the way to home users. Exerfly has re-invented and reinforced the flywheel.

Game Changing Technology

Motor of Exerfly Platform and Rack Mount

The Platform and Rack Mount can be equipped with a motor option that allows users to select eccentric overload, providing an extra boost to the eccentric phase of an exercise and taking the athlete to new heights otherwise unachievable with traditional weights.

Exerfly app

The in-built sensor can be used as an API or athlete management system, tracking progress and monitoring athletic performance in real time. The user’s rep-by-rep data is then sent straight to the Exerfly app, providing high-level workout metrics for effortless accountability.

How It Works

Achieve Peak Performance

Achieve Peak Performance

Building strength faster and more effectively than traditional gym equipment, Exerfly offers athletic benefits such as increased strength, muscle power, hypertrophy, and muscle type conversion.

  • A capable piece of equipment

  • A solid workout

  • Move through exercises quickly

Unlimited Exercises and possibilities

Unlimited Exercises and possibilities

With Exerfly, the possibilities are endless. With countless exercises able to be performed at a higher level than traditional gym machines, Exerfly supports a huge range of motion that includes horizontal, vertical, or diagonal movements in many different combinations.

  • Exercise is only limited by your imagination

  • Train at a higher level

  • Something for everyone

Rehab faster

Rehab faster

Exerfly can also be used for rehabilitation and physiotherapy, as a safe way to build muscle with less risk of injury or re-injury. For injured athletes, Exerfly provides a reactive training solution that is easier on joints and reduces the risk of injury from poor form.

  • Self managed resistance

  • Recovery for injuries

  • Prevent injury

Train at a higher level

Get feedback with the Exerfly App

Get feedback with the Exerfly App

Exerfly equipment includes an easy to use app for IOS, Android and in your web browser. The app controls the equipment and helps you to monitor statistics such as velocity, time, force, power, energy, torque, RFD, momentum, angular momentum and weight moved for each rep, concentrically and eccentrically.


Trusted by the world’s best athletes, coaches, and teams.


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