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Will Collins: Behind Every World-Class Athlete, there's a World-Class Coach

Behind the likes of record-breaking sprinters Tiffany Townsend, Jacob Norman, and Hezikiah Jones, is one of the world's youngest elite professional coaches: Will Collins. Every sprint coach wants to produce the fastest athletes. But for Will, it's all in the details. This means taking a detailed, science-based approach to training using Exerfly.

Will Collins is the founder of Fast University, and has successfully coached some of the world's fastest athletes. Will’s breakthrough as a sprint coach came when Tiffany Townsend and Jacob Norman leapt into the spotlight as World Junior Champion and NCAA Champion, respectively. Since then, he has maintained his consistency in developing elite-level speed athletes each year. Both his talented athletes and his impressive coaching skills have drawn interest and attention from all over the world. Today, Will trains athletes right from youth and collegiate levels through to professional level at his own sports performance centre in Texas - a testament to his breadth of coaching talent.

Will's journey with eccentric Flywheel training began about two years ago, after witnessing many athletes at collegiate level jumping off 6-foot ladders to generate significant resistance. The few people who were utilizing Flywheel training were often relying on outdated techniques and equipment - there was an obvious gap in the elite coaching market that combined top-level innovation, evidence and functionality. Will cites Exerfly as being the solution to the age-old problem of how to safely and effectively generate sufficient eccentric overload.

According to Will, Exerfly training is changing the way athletes train and will continue to train in the future - a necessary piece of any coach's training regime. Will is a keen user of Exerfly equipment himself, as well as for training his elite athletes. When squatting using the Exerfly Portable, Will states, “Using the squatting motion on the Exerfly mimics the experience of a sprinter coming out of the block. The Exerfly allows athletes to master their first step, by facilitating mimicry at the highest level.”

As a coach of numerous professional and up-and-coming sprinters, Will has seen first-hand the benefits of Exerfly training and how it converts to functional strength and power on the track. “Exerfly allows athletes to output a strong amount of force through the hips and then input this back into their bodies. The workload and force output generated by the Exerfly without the load-bearing on our joints simply isn’t possible with any other machine.”

Exerfly is looking forward to working closely with Will to combine world-leading coaching with technological innovation. In the coming weeks, Will will take us through how he uses Exerfly to train his athletes throughout each stage of the season, in order to educate and assist strength and conditioning coaches worldwide. We are excited to help Will on his coaching journey and to bring you world-class training tips and techniques that can be used with Exerfly.

At Exerfly, our aim is to educate and empower our users to get the best results out of their training and performance. We look forward to working with world-renowned coaches like Will Collins to bring you the latest in education and innovative training methods each week.

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