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Payments and Shipping

What payment options do you accept?
Payment methods
Do you ship globally?
What kind of shipping times should I expect?
Do I have to pay shipping?
Do I need to pay customs duties and taxes?
What taxes do I need to pay?
How do I pay with multiple cards?
Do I have to pay the entire amount upfront?

Warranty & Guarantees

Does Exerfly equipment come with a warranty?
Is shipping damage covered by the warranty?
Do you offer a money-back guarantee and what does it include?
What is not covered by the warranty/money-back guarantee?
Does Exerfly cover return shipping?
Are there any limitations of liability?

Repairs and Returns

What support is offered for repairs?
How do I return equipment?
What if I need spare parts?

Exerfly Platform

What is the Exerfly Platform made from?
How much does the Platform weigh?
What exercises can I do on the Platform?
How do I attach the Flywheels?
How do I perform two-handed exercises?
Is the bench included?
Are all accessories included in the final price?
What other accessories are available on the Platform?
Does the Platform include the sensor and the app?
What are the power requirements?
How do I power it on?
How do I connect the Sensor?

Exerfly Portable

What is the Exerfly Portable made of?
How much does the Portable weigh?
How portable is it really?
What exercises can I do on the Portable?
How long does it take to set up/break down?
Does the Portable include the Sensor and App?

Exerfly Rack-Mount

How does the Rack Mount attach to a Squat Rack?
Does it fit to any Squat Rack?
Does the Rack Mount include the Sensor and App?

Sensor and App

Where can I find a set up guide?
What devices support the Exerfly app?
How do I download the app?
What feedback do I get from the App?


How do I mount the Flywheel holder to the wall?
How do I add more Flywheels?
Can I use the Flywheel holder to hold the squat harness and other accessories?
What is the rope clamp made from?
How does the rope clamp work?
What sizes do the Squat Harness come in?
How do you put the Squat Harness on?


How often do I need to perform maintenance on my Exerfly?

Motor Boost

How does the Motor work?
Do I have to charge my Equipment?
What Eccentric Overload setting should I use?
How do I start the Motorised Technology?
How do I change the Eccentric Overload Boost (%)?
Does the Motorised Technology affect my workout statistics?
Will I experience muscle fatigue afterwards?
What does it feel like?

About Flywheel Training

How does Flywheel training work?
How is the resistance variable and unlimited?
How do I get an Eccentric overload?
Are there other benefits of Flywheel training?
How many Flywheels do I need? Comparing traditional weights to Flywheels.
Do I have to be a professional to use it?


How safe is Flywheel training on the body?
How can I stay safe while using the equipment?
Can I use it when I’m injured?
How safe is the Eccentric Motor Boost?
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