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Performance Training Facilities

Become a market leading gym with elite training equipment, an early adopter in an industry that is rocketing to new heights

More and more training facilities and commercial gyms are recognising the huge potential of Exerfly for group training and in the commercial landscape, especially due to its versatility and small footprint, allowing training facilities to utilise small spaces and maximise performance.

Providing equipment used by professional athletes and sports teams gives you the upper edge over regular training facilities, giving you the specialised training experience you need to stand out from the crowd.

Help your athletes reach peak performance

Help your athletes reach peak performance

With motorised technology allowing a measurable eccentric overload that shows significant increases in muscle hypertrophy, force absorption, and muscle type conversion, Exerfly pushes athletes to new levels of sporting excellence.

By providing your athletes with top level equipment, users can reach peak performance with elite equipment that is scientifically supported in showing significant increases in strength and power, speed, explosiveness, muscle recovery, and injury prevention

Rent by the hour

Rent by the hour

Highly sought after in the field of fitness, Exerfly machines could also be rented out by the hour to personal trainers or clients for private training sessions.

For $80 - $100 USD per half hour, Exerfly is a great source of extra revenue and value for commercial gyms, increasing profits and marketability across the board.

Group Training

Group Training

Take your group fitness training to the next level, with equipment designed to cater to multiple users in the same session.
With Flywheel training, resistance is based on the strength of the individual athlete rather than a set weight. This means little to no transfer time between users and no need to stop and adjust the weights every few minutes for a more efficient group training set-up.

In-built Sensor

In-built Sensor

Track your performance in real-time
With in-built sensor technology available on all three pieces of equipment, athletes can now use a unique code to track their performance in real-time, even with multiple users in one session. Workout data includes statistics such as power, speed, force, torque, and more.

By simply inputting a unique code before a workout, multiple athletes can use the equipment in quick succession without losing track of performance data and statistics, with data being sent straight to their Exerfly app for easy record-keeping.

Save space and maximise Efficiency

Save space and maximise Efficiency

Exerfly is designed to fit into your gym, no matter how full it might be.

Because of its sleek, simple, and multi-purpose design, Exerfly is an incredibly effective way to make the most of small spaces, rooms, or corners where large and bulky equipment often can’t fit.

Exerfly’s small and versatile design saves space without compromising on efficiency, meaning so much can be achieved in such a compact footprint. Place the Exerfly in a small, unused corner of your gym and convert the space into an elite workout zone for maximum efficiency.

Which Equipment is right for me?

PNG picture of exerfly flywheel training platform


  • The Platform is versatile and multipurpose, perfect for an extensive range of exercises. With a wider surface area, this makes it our most stable piece of equipment.
  • You can attach the Platform Bench, Foot Block, Squat Harness and Rope Guide, and the Platform can be used with a single or double rope set-up i.e. for Chest Presses or Hip Thrusts, where tension is needed on both sides of the bar.
  • The Platform is safe for recovering athletes and old injuries, as resistance is responsive to the performance of the athlete, making it ideal for rehabilitation and returning to play.
  • Set up the Platform in your office or workspace without the need to rent out a gym or workout space.
  • The Platform pairs well with the Rack Mount, as it caters for a wide range of exercises from the ground up, whereas the Rack Mount is great for upper body lateral and horizontal exercises.
PNG picture of exerfly portable


  • Packs down into a suitcase for easy, hassle-free transportation.
  • Easy to travel with, meaning you can easily bring it on client visits when on the road.
  • Can send it home with clients who can then follow a tailored rehabilitation plan to exercise from their own home with confidence.
  • Send and receive workout data to track client performance and monitor progress and recovery.
  • Lesser risk of injury as the Portable is easier and smoother on the joints. A versatile machine that caters for almost all clients, regardless of injury.
PNG picture of exerfly rack mount


  • Training horizontal and vertical rotational exercises is much easier than with traditional weights, allowing for more targeting exercises.
  • Targeted exercises for shoulder or ankle rehab, meaning injured athletes can access elite level equipment specially designed to assist in rotational movements and recovery.
  • Can be added to any squat rack for quick and easy set-up, making it easy to move and portable enough to take with you.
  • Pairs well with the Platform to offer a wider range of movement, including floor-mounted exercises such as deadlifts, squats, lunges, and more.
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