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Strength and Conditioning

The Exerfly Team has worked with leading strength and conditioning coacges to develop virtually indestructible, elite pieces of equipment that can help achieve outstanding results without risk of injury.

Why Exerfly?

Why Exerfly?

With traditional weights, the resistance never changes. In a bicep curl, as you pull weight from your thigh to your chest, you feel resistance as the weight is comes up to you. on its way down, you’re no longer pulled against gravity, so it feels easier to lower the weight back to your thighs. This means that the athlete is missing out on training the eccentric phase of the movement.

With Flywheel training, you’ll feel the resistance on the way up and down, meaning that resistance is constantly adapting to your force with every rep. The harder you pull the flywheel, the harder it will pull back, continually stimulating the muscles. With Exerfly’s motorized technology, the athlete also has the option to further increase the eccentric phase, creating an eccentric overload that will boost their capabilities.

Achieve Peak Performance

Achieve Peak Performance

A recent study of Flywheel training showed impressive results among participants:

  • 8.6% increase in muscle mass
  • 30% increase in muscle force
  • 50% increase in concentric and eccentric power over 4 weeks
  • 51% increase in squatting power over 4 weeks
  • 8.6% increase in quadriceps gains

Prevention and Rehabilitation

Prevention and Rehabilitation

With a strong focus on safety and injury prevention, Exerfly caters to a wide range of athletes and abilities.

Its simple, sleek design means it can be used for an almost unlimited amount of exercices with resistance. Because resistance is based on the input force of the athlete, Exerfly equipment can adapt suit any skill level.

Save on long-term costs with Exerfly

The below chart shows savings based on one person using Exerfly, not accounting for group training or multiple users.

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Product image
Product image
  • 1 x Exerfly Platform
  • 1 x Sensor + App
  • 1 x Squat Harness
  • 1 x Large Flywheel
  • 1 x Medium Flywheel
  • 2 x Rope Clamps
  • 2 x Stirrup handles
  • 1 x Short bar
  • 1 x Long Bar
  • 1 x Gooseneck tablet and phone holder
Platform Size

130cm x 105cm
(51’’ x 41’’)
Top – 120cm x 95cm
(47’’ x 37’’)
Height – 31cm


Aluminum & Steel

Total 9698
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Game Changing Technology

Motor of Exerfly Platform and Rack Mount

The Platform and Rack Mount can be equipped with a motor option that allows users to select eccentric overload, providing an extra boost to the eccentric phase of an exercise and taking the athlete to new heights otherwise unachievable with traditional weights.

Exerfly app

The in-built sensor can be used as an API or athlete management system, tracking progress and monitoring athletic performance in real time. The user’s rep-by-rep data is then sent straight to the Exerfly app, providing high-level workout metrics for effortless accountability.

How It Works

In-built sensor and real-time feedback

In-built sensor and real-time feedback

Exerfly equipment also includes advanced sensor technology to monitor the athlete’s performance in real-time.

Unlike traditional weights, the Exerfly app gives you useful feedback on your performance to measure your progress, providing statistics for each rep on energy, speed, force, time, power, and much more. The app also controls the optional motor to give a percentage boost to the eccentric phase of an exercise.

Exerfly Workouts

Icon of Exerfly flywheel training platform


Lower Body Strength and Conditioning

This programme is intended to be used in 6 week blocks, with each rep performed at maximum effort. This is to accentuate the eccentric overload phase.

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Icon of portable flywheel training equipment


Full Body Split Over 2 Days

Each set is performed ‘close to failure’ (CTF) which is indicated by the slowing of the flywheel to point where it is just the momentum of the wheel keeping you going.

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Icon of Exerfly Rack-Mount


Upper Body Strech

This circuit is intended to be used for general physical wellbeing and improvement. Designed to be able to used all year-round to maintain optimal physical fitness.

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