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This is the Exerfly Ultimate

Designed & Manufactured in New Zealand

This equipment makes our customers never want to pick up a weight again.

Our latest release, the perfect balance between a heavy duty flywheel training device and a compact piece of equipment that can be stored with minimal space needed. It’s got all the bells and whistles, including our revolutionary motorized eccentric overload technology. This is the Ultimate.


Increase the eccentric overload to achieve sub-maximal force loads

0 - unlimited llbs

Achieve unlimited amount of force

Unlimited movements

Two pulley system which can include a bench press and foot block
Exerfly is trusted by the world's best athletes, coaches and sports teams

The 1 mistake even PROS make when trying to achieve eccentric overload

The 1 mistake even PROS make when trying to achieve eccentric overload

Is trying it without Exerfly

Despite its clear benefits in rehabilitation and significant impact in sports performance, achieving eccentric overloading in exercises can be a painful (and costly ordeal) with traditional strength training.

Between splashing out on the extra equipment and finding suitable training partners, you can forget about treating yourself this Christmas if you want instantaneous feedback during your workouts to track your progress, as you’ll have to add the cost of accelerometers or linear position transducers to that hefty final price.

Many of us know that the key to improvements in change of direction ability and mobility, strength, power, speed and reducing the risk for injury lies in eccentric overload. However, many of us don’t have friends we can rely on to spot 100%-130% of our 1RM in a lift, or weight releasers we can attach to free float on the barbell to create the eccentric overload. And to be completely honest, we wouldn’t feel fully safe with both options either.

Even if you pawn your couch for those extra bells and whistles, each repetition would not be maximal. With traditional strength equipment, the weight is static and resistance is limited by the concentric phase, which leads to increased training time and residual fatigue to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Costing you that gold medal you’ve been working towards and granting your competition the satisfaction of beating you.

So instead of clearing out your garage, your belongings and your wallet to buy all the weights, monitors and extra gadgets you need to start your journey with eccentric training- or just simply get an Exerfly.

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How you can achieve supra-maximal eccentric overload without spotters
Because that's what winners do

Forget about splashing out on accelerometers, linear position transducers and any other gadget that will make your pockets hurt- The Exerfly Ultimate is the assistant coach you’ve always wanted.

Featuring an in-built sensor that tracks and monitors your workouts at 4,000 data points per second, rep to rep, the sensor sends instantaneous feedback and detailed statistics to the Exerfly app on the user's performance.

Track your athletes like never before, and get the best understanding of your team's position on the field. Our technology makes tracking progress effortless, accessible and indispensable for anyone wanting to level up and achieve results like never before.

The sensor can be connected via WiFi or Bluetooth, bringing a whole new level of flexibility to your training regime. Our all-new app is streamlined to meet your every training need.


  • Material

    Fibreglass composite,

  • Weight

    22 kg
    (48.5 lbs)

  • Motorized Technology

    the eccentric overload from 101-180%.

  • Size

    1167mm x 660mm
    (46" x 26")
    1080mm x 570mm
    (42.5" x 22.5")

For The High Performing Athlete

Switch delayed results for fast eccentrics with the Exerfly Ultimate, and experience results driven training that ensures every rep is maximal. Decrease your training time and residual fatigue like never before.

If you’re ready to take your training to the next level and truly reach peak performance, then Exerfly’s motorized technology is the perfect tool to get you there. Use your clutch to switch to a motorized boost of up to 80% in the eccentric phase of your exercise for a safe eccentric overload on either the Exerfly Platform or Exerfly Rack-Mount.

With scientific benefits proven to aid in explosiveness for speed and power athletes, Exerfly’s motorized technology is game-changing in the Flywheel training industry.

For The Physical Therapist Rehabbing Clients

You never would have thought you could fit an entire gym in your office until the Exerfly Ultimate. Office (and wallet) friendly, the Ultimate’s compact design fits into any small space, meaning you won’t be needing to buy multiple pieces of equipment or rent a large space for a gym.

Because of its low-impact nature and constant resistance, Exerfly training effectively aids rehabilitation after injury. With smooth, constant resistance between the concentric and eccentric phase, Exerfly is beneficial for rebuilding strength without aggravating previous injuries.

For example, a crucial part of ACL rehabilitation focuses on knee control and landing form, which is best rebuilt through eccentric training. The Squat Harness can also be used to distribute load evenly throughout the body, allowing athletes to generate high force levels without heavy weights putting unnecessary strain on the body, therefore reducing strain and offering a safer alternative to heavy lifting with better results.

For The Fitness Fanatic Training At Home

You’ll never stop saving with the Exerfly Ultimate. Now offering comprehensive full-body training at home, you won’t have to worry about making it back home in time for dinner or avoiding rush hour ever again.

Versatile and adaptable, this variable resistance device is particularly beneficial because it allows users to work with a force load that matches their output throughout the workout. This means that it can be used for all populations, whether that be your son who’s got a state championship next month, your sister who’s got a sprained ankle, or your grandmother who wants to build some more strength.

Once you train with the Ultimate, you’ll never look back

Once you train with the Ultimate, you’ll never look back

Flywheel vs. Traditional Training

With traditional weights, the weight is static, so resistance is limited by the concentric phase. Take a bicep curl, for example. Typically, you pull a weight from your thigh to your chest in a circular motion, experiencing resistance as the weight comes up towards you. Once the weight has passed 90 degrees, the exercise is easier due to the strength curve. When lowering the weight, it’s much easier as you are stronger during the eccentric contraction.


The future of training be part of the future

The future of training be part of the future

With Flywheel training, resistance is equal on the way up and day, stimulating the eccentric phase of movement. When engaging in flywheel training, you generate force to spin the flywheel during the concentric, then resist to slow the flywheel’s momentum during the eccentric. When pulling the flywheel, it pulls back with the same force, allowing users to control resistance through the modification of the flywheel inertia and the force generated.

Variable Resistance

Variable resistance devices such as the Ultimate are particularly beneficial because they allow users to work with a force load that matches their output throughout the workout. The resistance increases as they train harder and decreases when they get weaker.

This means that it can be used for all populations, whether bodybuilders, the elderly, or injured athletes. Because of this, variable machines are very sought after by trainers, as their trainees can use them easily and track progress easily.

Eccentric Training

When exercising, your muscles are either contracting

Eccentric contractions act as a braking mechanism. They control the lowering of weight while maintaining tension through the muscle.

The eccentric part of a movement is when the working muscles elongate and create tension. Eccentric training specifically targets this mode of contraction, which is hugely beneficial as you are much stronger eccentrically than concentrically, resulting in eccentric specific adaptations.

Eccentric Training Benefits

Low metabolic cost
Metabolic cost is an essential characteristic of motor activities that can influence daily activity and have health implications. Having a low metabolic cost means your body has to work less during the exercise spending less energy.
More force production
Force production has been directly linked to improved performance during jumping, weightlifting, cycling, sprinting, and golf swings – suggesting a better rate of force development can lead to better athletic performance.
Increased flexibility by increasing muscle length
Eccentric exercises shift the length-tension relationship up and to the right, meaning you can produce more force at longer muscle lengths.
Type IIX muscle fibers maintenance
Type IIX fibers are used for short explosive activities that require significant power and speed. Even inactive people need to be able to run quickly or lift something in an emergency.

In short, eccentric training strengthens the body's connective tissues, which is why it is beneficial for any fitness goal- whether that be strength, hypertrophy, endurance, or even rehabilitation.

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Track your performance with real-time feedback

Track your performance with real-time feedback

Maximize your workouts with our in-built sensor and Exerfly app. With an all-new app and in-built sensor tracking data points at 4,000 times per second, now you can monitor your workout data in an easier, more efficient way and receive feedback on every single rep.

Calculate ROI on actual results, track statistics such as force, power, speed, and torque, and watch your performance improve with quantifiable data that allows you to maximize your training and results.

Game Changing Motorized Technology

The Ultimate can also include Exerfly’s advanced motorized technology, meaning you can take your workouts to the next level with an increased resistance between 1-80% in the eccentric phase.

Overloading eccentrically can be highly beneficial in many different areas, including muscle hypertrophy and injury prevention. For example, if the user selects a 10% boost, then whatever energy they put into the concentric phase of the movement will be amplified by 10% in the eccentric phase.

Train Real Sports Movements

With the Exerfly Ultimate, you can train real sports movements with ease. The Ultimate is often a favorite of sports teams based around movements such as throwing, swinging a bat, rowing, punching, or other rotational based movements. Combined with its small size, it makes the perfect addition to home gyms or traveling sports teams needing to round out their setup with elite equipment.

Starting at 7614
Buy now

How To Pick Your Flywheels

How To Pick Your Flywheels

1x Tiny (0.01)

Used mainly for shoulder rehab and is used for small muscle group for incremental movements.

1x Small (0.025)

Used to recreate different sporting movements and is used for smaller muscle groups to train at low force high speed e.g. glutes

1x Medium (0.05)

Used for higher force loads and at a quicker speed

2x Large (0.2)

Used for big muscle groups, one red flywheel can produce up to 100kgs/220lbs of force. One to two red flywheels are for high forces at high speeds. Any flywheels added to that are for performing at a lower speed with high forces and increased resistance, mostly used by powerlifters.

You can add up to 10 red flywheels for slow isometrics, and to increase the motorized technology, so you have no limit on the load you want to work with.


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Exerfly Guarantee

You will always come first

Your Ultimate purchase includes a 30 day money back guarantee, 2 year warranty and Free shipping and taxes

Design & Manufactured in Christchurch, New Zealand

Exerfly equipment is designed, manufactured, engineered and tested in Christchurch, New Zealand to make sure the equipment is up to our gold bar standard.

We work with the best team of engineers and products to create equipment that is virtually indestructible and irreplicable.

Scientific Studies

Researchers investigated the influence of a weekly bout of inertial squat resistance exercise offering eccentric overload on lower limb muscle power and patellar tendon complaints on over 80 basketball and volleyball players of both sexes.

They found that adding a weekly eccentric overload squat training bout to a regular basketball and volleyball exercise routine enhances lower limb muscle power without triggering patellar tendon complaints.

But Wait, There’s More

Flywheel Resistance Training Course
Cost:$90 USD FREE!
Access: Unlimited

But Wait, There’s More

Enjoy a Free Onboarding Session worth $400 USD

AUT Professor of Strength and Conditioning School of Sport and Recreation John Cronin has partnered up with Exerfly to educate our community on the science behind Flywheel Training and using the power of eccentric exercise to deliver unprecedented results. Professor Cronin boasts over 400 peer reviewed publications, and has a history of working with the best sports teams on the field.

Taking a deep dive into which training schedules you should be following to achieve your fitness goals, Prof. Cronin details the mechanics behind the velocity, intensity and frequency of every workout, providing expert insider knowledge on how, when and what you should be training. Walk into every workout knowing exactly what you should be targeting, and leave every workout knowing you’re one step closer to your goals.

The course includes


This course can be done in your own time and is approximately 15 hours of teacher and self-directed learning

Joining the Exerfly family isn’t just buying the equipment, it’s joining a community of global fitness professionals from the likes of Olympic organizations all the way to NBA coaches.

The time is now!
Because they’ve already started

Beat the competition because your competition has already started, and if you want to have your team in the best shape and with better performance, the time is now. Don’t you want to step on the field knowing you’ve done everything you can to perform at your best?

Exerfly’s Story

Exerfly’s Story

Est. 2016

Exerfly started off with two people with a love for fitness and software, Nick and Jordan, who collaborated with leading professionals from New Zealand Olympics, the All Blacks, New Zealand Cricket such as Angus Ross, Tom Walksh and Valerie Adams to create equipment which would get New Zealand the performance edge to compete on the world stage.

Exerfly grew to a team of over 30 people just over one year, experiencing high growth whilst launching in a pandemic. We pride ourselves in constantly innovating through the feedback of our customers, which pushes us to create top of the line equipment, whilst looking to add new accessories to make Exerfly even better and break boundaries with our devices. We are constantly wanting to have the best equipment and education in the world.

We’ve got very exciting collaborations coming up as we have partnered up with leading brands and coaches that share the same values as us, we love creating projects that haven’t been done before and we work hard to exceed the expectations of our customers. Exerfly is a pioneering company that values relationships and community, our foundations lie in collaborating with people all over the world and we are constantly on the lookout for new connections to be formed.

Flywheel Training and Teaching

Blogs, articles and all things flywheel training

You can implement the use of flywheel resistance training specifically tailored for an athlete's needs. An individual lacking sufficient eccentric strength must accommodate the eccentric forces by absorbing those forces over a longer period, nullifying the advantages of SSC actions (Miyaguchi & Demura, 2008).

Thankfully, the Exerfly has its advantages in producing significant eccentric loading capabilities depending on the loading mechanism (higher or lesser inertial loads). Three common exercises to increase vertical jump using the Exerfly platform are:

  • Heavy flywheel squats paired with seated box jumps.
  • • Pin squats set to ½ squat depth paired with the same depth and fast flywheel squats.
  • • Heavy flywheel squats paired with light flywheel squats and/or rapid jumps.

Since the flywheel will pull the user down with the same amount of force being executed, it is suggested that the person be comfortable using the flywheel before execution. Maintaining proper form and loading into the hips with your spine stacked is imperative to prevent tipping over.


What is the Exerfly Ultimate made from?
How much does the Ultimate weigh?
What exercises can I do on the Platform?
How do I attach the Flywheels?
How do I perform two-handed exercises?
What accessories are available on the Platform?
Does the Platform include the sensor and the app?
How many flywheels can you fit onto the Exerfly Platform?

The Ultimate was built for people who want to go the extra mile, who know they can be seeing better results, who know that their safety comes first, especially when working out. Exerfly has implemented the learnings of decades of research in Flywheel Training, advice from medical and fitness professionals in the industry and the feedback from elite athletes and coaches around the world to create the Ultimate device for you.

If you are wanting equipment that isn’t a fad, but is backed by science and can move at high speeds, you’re in the right place. Train, track and progress your workouts like never before.

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Exerfly Equipment

PNG picture of exerfly flywheel training platform


The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

PNG picture of exerfly portable


The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

PNG picture of exerfly rack-mount


The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

PNG picture of exerfly accessories


The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

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