Achieving greatness

Exerfly is building a community of athletes and coaches that supports, collaborates with, and pushes each other towards greatness.

Here at Exerfly, we’ve put our heart, mind, body, and soul into creating equipment that will take athletes and coaches to the next level of sporting excellence. We truly believe in our equipment, and want to share this with athletes, physios, and sports teams all over the globe so everyone can reap the benefits of Exerfly.

Our Journey

  • 2015

    We built the first Exerfly Platform prototypes and tested the product with leading NZ athletes, Olympians, and sports teams such as the New Zealand All Blacks Sevens and the Crusaders. Throughout the process, we worked with a variety of physiotherapists and strength and conditioning coaches to ensure highest quality across the board.

  • 2016

    We made further refinements on our equipment and enhanced its features based on feedback from athletes and coaches. Over time, we engineered a stronger version of the Exerfly Platform and started developments on our sensor technology. Leading sporting organisations began using Exerfly, such as the Chiefs, NZ Rowing, and High Performance Sport NZ.

  • 2017

    We started development of our Motorized Technology. We then introduced many accessories and released the Exerfly app prototype. Our customer base continued to grow through our close involvement with top sporting organisations within New Zealand. French Olympian Kevin Mayer’s coach reached out to purchase an Exerfly, setting a trend for incoming orders from Europe.

  • 2018

    As many of our clients were using their Platforms in the gym, there was an increased demand for something portable to be created so they could still train with Exerfly while travelling. In New Zealand, we travel a lot, so we needed something robust and very versatile that could be set up and used anywhere. We started working on prototypes of the Exerfly Portable to create equipment that was light, strong, and stable. We then continued work on Motorized Technology, developing and testing the motor prototypes on the Exerfly Platform. As we gained traction, the Brisbane Broncos reached out to use our equipment.

  • 2019

    We introduced the current Exerfly Portable, as well as motorised options for the Platform. Continued growing at a rapid rate, now catering to most professional athletes and high-performance sports teams in New Zealand. As we had consolidate a strong relationship with our customers within the country, we thought that it would be time to launch overseas. We were confident in our launch as we had been testing our equipment for a number of years and each of our innovations had been receiving fantastic feedback within the Exerfly community.

  • 2020

    We successfully launched Exerfly globally in June 2020. Despite a global Covid-19 pandemic happening in the background, orders for our elite equipment skyrocketed internationally due to its emphasis on home training and portability. Exerfly was being used by customers all over the globe, and soon reached the hands of elite sports teams such as the LA Dodgers, the Wolverhampton Wanderers, the Canadian Olympic Ski Team and many more.

  • 2021

    We continued innovating our products and kept equipment up to date with advanced technology. We updated Exerfly app to include Bluetooth as well as WiFi connectivity. Exerfly was now used by athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, Premier League Football teams, and several Olympic organisations.

Our Team

Portrait of Nick Bolton
Nick Bolton
Co-Founder of Exerfly and New Zealand Athlete

Nick Bolton, founder of Exerfly, is a New Zealand track and field athlete, strength and conditioning enthusiast, and software engineer. Coming from an impressive tech background, Nick founded Mailwasher, the first email filtering software before venturing into flywheel training. As a Masters track athlete, Nick needed equipment that allowed him and his friends at NZ Olympics to remain injury free whilst competing at the highest level. Wanting to combine his two passions, software and fitness, he sought out to create something that was effective and quantifiable. After meeting Jordan Barron, together they founded Exerfly in 2015, and set out to reinvent the flywheel. Since then, Exerfly has captured the attention of leading sports figures worldwide, and continues to push boundaries with it’s equipment. Today, Nick still competes in track and field athletics and came 4th in the recent open national championship, whilst managing the production of Exerfly in Christchurch.

Portrait of Jordan Barron
Jordan Barron
Co-founder of Exerfly

Jordan Barron, co-founder of Exerfly, met Nick through their mutual interest in sports and athletics. Always at the front of Exerfly’s innovations, Jordan plays a key part in strategizing the design of the equipment through continuous communication and feedback from all customers. Jordan is passionate about connecting with people, and leads a global community of Exerfly members supporting each other and pushing for greatness. Often the first point of call, Jordan has worked with leading sporting and medical professionals over the years analysing sports performance and scientific data to ensure that all users are achieving their peak performance with Exerfly. When onboarding Exerfly customers, Jordan will find the best way to customise the equipment according to specific needs and is always on hand to answer any questions.

Exerfly values

Exerfly values

Exerfly has always been built on relationships, right from the very beginning when Nick and Jordan ran together with New Zealand athletics. It all started when Nick wanted to create something that pushed him to perform at the highest level whilst keeping him injury-free, as he saw many of his friends retire or get injured in athletics to not to do that.

Coming from a small country like New Zealand, we’ve always had to be innovative to make a global impact. Our priority lies in developing long lasting relationships with the people that use Exerfly and help them achieve game changing results. Across the years, we've been able to revolutionise the Exerfly community through close contacts and constant feedback from leading athletes and coaches.


  • Personalized experience icon

    Personalized experience

    We work with customers directly, cutting out third parties and retailers, to provide you a better experience.

  • Icon of No risk, hassle free

    No risk, hassle free

    We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your equipment. We also offer a 2-year warranty on all our products.

  • Icon of building long term relationships

    Building long term relationships

    At Exerfly, the most important thing to us is starting the relationship with athletes and coaches.

100% Designed and over-engineered in New Zealand

100% Designed and over-engineered in New Zealand

Exerfly worked within New Zealand for over 5 year innovating with elite level coaches, athletes and home users. To this day we design, test and oversee to ensure the quality and function is optimised in New Zealand from 95% of New Zealand suppliers.

Join the Exerfly journey

Join the Exerfly journey

Exerfly started off with Nick and Jordan who are passionate about fitness and software. We collaborated with leading professionals from New Zealand Olympics, All Blacks, New Zealand Cricket and New Zealand Snow Sports to create equipment which would get New Zealand the performance edge to compete on the world stage.

Now we have a team of over 30 people as we have experienced high growth just over one year whilst launching in a pandemic. We are constantly innovating through the feedback of our customers. We create top of the line equipment but are always looking to add new accessories to make Exerfly even better, we always strive to break boundaries with our innovations.

We’ve got very exciting collaborations coming up as we have partnered up with leading brands that share the same values as us, we love creating projects that haven’t been done before and we work hard to exceed the expectations of our customers. Exerfly is a pioneering company that values relationships and community, our foundations lie in collaborating with people all over the world and we are constantly on the lookout for new connections to be formed.


Exerfly Equipment

PNG picture of exerfly flywheel training platform


The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

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PNG picture of exerfly rack-fly


The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

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PNG picture of exerfly ultimate


The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

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PNG picture of exerfly accessories


The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

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