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Train your way and on your terms, right from the comfort of home.

Exerfly is all about fitting into your lifestyle, and giving you access to elite training no matter where you are. That’s why all our equipment is designed to fit neatly into your home, making elite training equipment accessible to everyone.

Compact Equipment

Compact Equipment

With a small footprint and versatile design, Exerfly maximises efficiency and allows for an almost unlimited variety of exercises.
Exerfly equipment is lightweight and portable, and is easy to set up or store away when not in use. The Exerfly Portable can be quickly assembled and disassembled in less than two minutes, and can be stored in a bag or suitcase when not in use.

The Rack Mount is our smallest option and the Platform is our largest, with all three key pieces of equipment easily fitting into small corners of your home or storing neatly away when not needed.

Home Gym Setup

Home Gym Setup

The all-in-one solution for your home gym, allowing for an enormous variety of exercises right from the comfort of home
Allowing for an enormous range of movements, Exerfly equipment offers full body training at an elite level, perfect for a home-gym setup.

With small wheels on one side for easy transport, the Exerfly Platform is the ideal all-in-one training solution for your home gym, offering advanced motorised technology that will take your workouts to the next level.

The Portable is also a great fit for home-workouts due its compact, lightweight design and impressive versatility. Able to be used as both a floor-mounted platform for standing exercises, or a vertical-mounted attachment for rotational upper body work, there’s not much the Portable can’t do.

The Rack Mount is also a great way to add to your existing home gym set up to achieve a variety amount of exercises from upper and lower body.

Travel with Ease

Travel with Ease

Train from home, the park, the gym, or the office - Exerfly is one gym you can take with you wherever you go.
Whether moving from room to room or from home to park, Exerfly equipment offers unmatched versatility, giving you the flexibility to train wherever you go.

The Exerfly Portable can be quickly packed up in just minutes, and taken in a bag to wherever it is you’re going next. Don’t get locked into the same training routine day after day - add a little variety to your workout without compromising on quality training.

Motorised Technology

Motorised Technology

Take your home workouts to a whole new level with Exerfly’s motorised technology.
If you’re ready to take your training to the next level and truly reach peak performance, then Exerfly’s motorised technology is the perfect tool to get you there.

Add a motorised boost of up to 80% in the eccentric phase of your exercise for a safe eccentric overload on either the Exerfly Platform or Exerfly Rack-Mount. With scientific benefits proven to aid in explosiveness for speed and power athletes, Exerfly’s motorised technology is game-changing in the Flywheel training industry.

In-built Sensor

In-built Sensor

Track your performance with real-time feedback.
With our in-built sensor technology, you can now track your performance data with quantifiable statistics at 4000 times per second, right from the comfort of your own home. With data such as power, force, speed, torque, and more, the sensor provides a detailed overview of your workout performance.

The data from the sensor is then sent directly to the Exerfly app, where you can export or save directly to the app.

Low Entry Barrier Point

Low Entry Barrier Point

Flywheel training does not require an advanced level of training, and is much more forgiving for those with poor technique. For example, if you perform a squat with poor form using traditional weighted bars, you would feel pain in your lower back, hips, or knees.

With Flywheel training, the squat harness distributes load throughout the entire body, eliminating those targeted pressure points. Flywheel training also allows you to control your own speed, which in turn determines the force loads you generate, meaning you can self-monitor your own resistance.

Which Equipment is right for me?

PNG picture of exerfly flywheel training platform


  • The Platform is versatile and multipurpose, perfect for an extensive range of exercises. With a wider surface area, this makes it our most stable piece of equipment.
  • You can attach the Platform Bench, Foot Block, Squat Harness and Rope Guide, and the Platform can be used with a single or double rope set-up i.e. for Chest Presses or Hip Thrusts, where tension is needed on both sides of the bar.
  • The Platform is safe for recovering athletes and old injuries, as resistance is responsive to the performance of the athlete, making it ideal for rehabilitation and returning to play.
  • Set up the Platform in your office or workspace without the need to rent out a gym or workout space.
  • The Platform pairs well with the Rack Mount, as it caters for a wide range of exercises from the ground up, whereas the Rack Mount is great for upper body lateral and horizontal exercises.
PNG picture of exerfly portable


  • Packs down into a suitcase for easy, hassle-free transportation.
  • Easy to travel with, meaning you can easily bring it on client visits when on the road.
  • Can send it home with clients who can then follow a tailored rehabilitation plan to exercise from their own home with confidence.
  • Send and receive workout data to track client performance and monitor progress and recovery.
  • Lesser risk of injury as the Portable is easier and smoother on the joints. A versatile machine that caters for almost all clients, regardless of injury.
PNG picture of exerfly rack mount


  • Training horizontal and vertical rotational exercises is much easier than with traditional weights, allowing for more targeting exercises.
  • Targeted exercises for shoulder or ankle rehab, meaning injured athletes can access elite level equipment specially designed to assist in rotational movements and recovery.
  • Can be added to any squat rack for quick and easy set-up, making it easy to move and portable enough to take with you.
  • Pairs well with the Platform to offer a wider range of movement, including floor-mounted exercises such as deadlifts, squats, lunges, and more.
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