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Benefits of investing in Exerfly

  • Innovation

    For over five years, we tested and improved our equipment with top New Zealand coaches and sporting teams to bring to the market game-changing technology

  • Creditability

    We work with a range of top sporting organisations, such as the Olympics, NFL, MLS, MLB Premier League and Super Rugby, as well as a range of sporting facilities and universities

  • Made in New Zealand

    Designed, engineered, and made in New Zealand with the utmost care and quality

  • Personal Consultation

    We are eager to understand your expectations and work with you to customise your purchase in a way that best fits your requirements

  • Pioneering

    We offer many points of difference, including state of the art motorised technology that is leading the industry in terms of innovation. Our Exerfly training techniques are backed by years of research and scientific study

  • After sales and customer support

    Outstanding after sales and customer support ensure your equipment is always perfectly operational over time, and all your needs continue to be met promptly and without delay

  • Programme & Education

    We offer a wide range of education and training on how to implement flywheel training equipment for individual, corporate wellness, or sporting team use

  • Marketing Support

    We can also offer marketing support and help with promoting your brand through high-quality, professional product images and athlete videos

  • Versality

    Our equipment is incredibly versatile, in that it can be used for a full range of exercises (from upper body, lower body, rotational movements) and it can be used by anyone (athletes, sports teams, rehabilitating users, elderly folk, teens, etc.)

  • Technological advanced

    Our motorised technology allows the user to perform an enormous range of exercises with a motorised increase in the eccentric phase, meaning athletes can select an eccentric overload between 1-80% for quantifiable results



Download the all-new Exerfly app for unlimited data tracking.
All our Exerfly equipment can facilitate an optional built-in sensor that tracks and monitors your workouts at 4,000 data points per second, rep to rep. The sensor then provides feedback and detailed statistics on your performance, sending it directly to your Exerfly app for effortless accountability.

With the all new app, you can record athlete’s workout statistics with ease. For group training, athletes simply need to key in their unique code before working out, and all their workout data will be logged against that athlete. This way, you can continue to track workout data specific to each user even with multiple athletes using the equipment in quick succession – perfect for group training.

You will also be able to choose between integrating the app directly into existing athlete management systems, or simply using the Exerfly app on its own as your personal athlete management system.


Save on long-term costs with Exerfly

The below chart shows savings based on one person using Exerfly, not accounting for group training or multiple users.

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Product image
Product image
  • 1 x Exerfly Platform
  • 1 x Sensor + App
  • 1 x Squat Harness
  • 1 x Large Flywheel
  • 1 x Medium Flywheel
  • 2 x Rope Clamps
  • 2 x Stirrup handles
  • 1 x Short bar
  • 1 x Long Bar
  • 1 x Gooseneck tablet and phone holder
Platform Size

130cm x 105cm
(51’’ x 41’’)
Top – 120cm x 95cm
(47’’ x 37’’)
Height – 31cm


Aluminum & Steel

Total 9698
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Personalised Coaching

Train people at scale, by creating programs and filming classes for anyone to follow in the Exerfly App.

Remote Training

Set individualized, private classes in the Exerfly App for your clients.


Open a Exerfly or create a dedicated Exerfly fitness space in your gym.

In-Person Training

Coach in person using the Exerfly App to deliver custom workouts and track data.

Increase Revenue

Each partnership pathway offers incentivized economics to suit your input, goals and audience reach.

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