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Flywheel Knowledge is Power

Those of you with a background in fitness know how intricate and complicated human physiobllogy can be. Each athlete or client will adapt differently to the overload provided, and that journey certainly won’t be linear (principle of individualisation).

The adaptation you seek depends on a myriad of factors that can influence each other and, therefore, performance and/or clinical outcomes.

Flywheel resistance training is one such factor. To understand how to optimally train using this resistance, you could lock yourself away and see what works best to promote strength, endurance, hypertrophy, and speed, or how best to rehab and injury - or you could simply enroll in Professor John Cronin’s Flywheel Resistance​​​​ Training course.

Flywheel Resistance Training Course by Professor John Cronin

Flywheel Resistance Training Course by Professor John Cronin

World class education, right at your fingertips

Knowledge is power, and that's exactly what John Cronin set out to do with his online Flywheel Resistance​​​​ Training course.

We’ve partnered with John Cronin to educate our community on the science behind Flywheel Training and using the power of Exerfly exercise to deliver unprecedented results.

With comprehensive evidence-based guidelines and loading parameters you should be using to achieve your fitness outcomes, you take a deep dive into the mechanics (force, power, velocity, etc.) of flywheel training, affording you expert insider knowledge on how you should be training.

The course provides you with the knowledge to walk into your flywheel workouts knowing how to achieve your fitness goals, and leave knowing you’re one step closer to your personal targets.

Flywheel course for All Exerfly Equipment


What You Get

In this course, Professor John Cronin analyses and summarizes his findings from countless research articles and experiences to deliver the Ultimate Flywheel Training Guide, guaranteed to turn anyone into a flywheel expert.


$90 USD




This course can be done in your own time and is approximately 15 hours of teacher and self-directed learning

The resources have been developed to account for different learning styles.

  • for the written learner there are slide notes you can download and write all over;
  • for aural learner you can listen to the voiceover;
  • for the reader hit the notes tab where you will find the exact script, or hit the resource tab to find additional readings where appropriate;

finally you kinesthetic learners make sure you have Exerfly technology near as the resources are developed in a way that requires you to experience or “feel” flywheel resistance training, and understand how it differs to other forms of strength training.

The resources are set up to improve your skills as a practitioner. For example, to restore or improve a fitness component like strength, you need to:

  • understand the mechanics and/or physiology of what you want to change (Masterclass);
  • be able to assess and monitor changes in these components (Assessment Zone);and, prescribe exercise to effect change in these components (Exercise Zone).
  • and, prescribe exercise to effect change in these components (Exercise Zone).

Each of these factors is interrelated.

For example, the better your assessment, the better your physiological and mechanical understanding, and the better your exercise prescription. So, the resources are very much designed with enhancing your skill set as a practitioner.


  • How Flywheel Technology works
  • Difference of flywheel resistance training to other forms of training
  • Adaptation to Flywheel resistance training
  • Benefits, limitations and utility
  • Introduction to Exerfly equipment (motorized and non-motorized and platform)
  • Flywheel Technology
  • Angular kinematics and kinetics
  • Methods of calculation and reliability
  • Assessment, monitoring and profiling
  • Case studies
Exercise Zone
  • Kinesthetic appreciation of flywheel resistance training
  • Basics of flywheel loading
  • Evidence based loading parameters for strength, power, speed, etc.
  • Injury prevention, rehabilitation and flywheel exercise for the elderly

Learn the ins and outs of flywheel training and how to use it effectively to prepare for the demands of your sport or to enhance patient outcomes in your rehabilitation program.

John Cronin

John Cronin

John Cronin is a Professor in Strength and Conditioning at AUT University, Head of Education at Exerfly and founder of JC Online. John specializes in human movement research around strength and conditioning for strength, power, speed and change of direction; and has published over 400 peer-reviewed papers.

John also has plenty of experience as a coach, training a variety of athletes and teams ranging from youth developmental athletes to elite World Champion individuals and teams.

Do you want to know:

  • Bullets
  • How does the flywheel work?
  • How is flywheel resistance different?
  • Who can benefit?
  • Rehabilitation
  • Ways to use the flywheel

For Medical (Rehab & Physiotherapist)

Reactive and responsive, Exerfly offers a tailored rehabilitation and recovery solution for users of all disciplines and abilities - from the youngest athletes to the elderly, and everyone in between.

Absent of heavy weights and strenuous loads that could endanger the user, Exerfly is an effective tool that has been scientifically proven to reduce risk of injury or re-injury, preserve joint health, and aid in injury management and rehabilitation.

For Sports Teams

Long gone are the days of training at low speeds and getting outrun by the competition. We’ve created the ideal training partner to any professional sport, mimicking real sports movements and enhancing performance through the high speeds and high force/loads of flywheel concentric and eccentric training.

Exerfly is the perfect option for sports teams wanting to optimize their training or needing elite equipment for traveling, group training, and reaching peak physical performance.

Used by countless professional sports teams all over the globe in the NHL, NFL, Premier League, NRL, Country Cricket, MLB teams, and a variety of other sporting and Olympic organizations, Exerfly offers the ideal training solution for athletes wanting to enhance force and power output, and improve on-field performance.

For Athletes and Strength & Conditioning Coaches

If you’re about optimising performance and/or patient outcomes, then look no further.

Exerfly is your all-in-one training solution. It is perfect for home, traveling, or gym use. Exerfly has created a training tool that fits into real people’s lives, schedules, and homes.

Using science-backed technology, Exerfly can take your training to the next level, with customized programs, data analytics and best training practices to maximize your results

Track your performance with real-time feedback

Track your performance with real-time feedback

Maximize your workouts with our in-built sensor and Exerfly app. With an all-new app and in-built sensor tracking data points at 4,000 times per second, now you can monitor your workout data in an easier, more efficient way and receive feedback on every single rep.

Calculate ROI on actual results, track statistics such as force, power, speed, and torque, and watch your performance improve with quantifiable data that allows you to maximize your training and results.


Game Changing Motorized Technology

Game Changing Motorized Technology

With Exerfly's motorized technology you can take your workouts to the next level with an increased resistance between 1-80% in the eccentric phase. For example, if the user selects a 10% boost, then whatever energy they put into the concentric phase of the movement will be amplified by 10% in the eccentric phase.

This type of supramaximal eccentric overloading is unique to Exerfly and can be highly beneficial in many different areas, including muscle hypertrophy and injury prevention.


Training Sports Movements - Specificity

Training Sports Movements - Specificity

With Exerfly, you can train sports movements adhaering to the principle of specificity. Whether that be throwing, punching, swinging a bat, kicking or rowing, flywheel training force-time profiles are highly movement specific and target the musculature underlying sporting movement.

You can train all contraction types and combinations (isometric, concentric, eccentric and stretch-shorten cycle) with ease. Add the previously mentioned loading parameters and you can induce any adaptation you seek.

How To Pick Your Flywheels

How To Pick Your Flywheels

1x Tiny (0.01)

Used mainly for shoulder rehab and is used for small muscle group for incremental movements.

1x Small (0.025)

Used to recreate different sporting movements and is used for smaller muscle groups to train at low force high speed e.g. glutes

1x Medium (0.05)

Used for higher force loads and at a quicker speed

2x Large (0.2)

Used for big muscle groups, one red flywheel can produce up to 100kgs/220lbs of force. One to two red flywheels are for high forces at high speeds. Any flywheels added to that are for performing at a lower speed with high forces and increased resistance, mostly used by powerlifters.

You can add up to 10 red flywheels for slow isometrics, and to increase the motorized technology, so you have no limit on the load you want to work with.

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Chris Chase Portrait
Chris Chase
Director of Performance - Memphis Grizzlies

Both the exerfly portable and platform products will continue to be beneficial for our basketball players. The unique resistance profile can facilitate higher impulse-oriented loading at troublesome joint angles, such as deeper ranges of flexion during squatting exercises.
Traveling with the Exerfly Portable has added immense value to our training on the road. The type of resistance provided by the flywheel is just something that is hard to mimic without the equipment itself. The Portable is extremely easy to set up and break down, and has stood up against the rigors of NBA travel.
The versatility of the Exerfly Platform is unmatched by any other piece of flywheel equipment on the market. Firstly, being able to use 1 or 2 straps is a huge advantage. Unlike other equipment with 1 strap , the Platform can be better set up for things like deadlifts with 2 separate handles or a shoulders elevated hip bridge with a straight bar. This has allowed us to utilize the flywheel stress with most of our exercises.
The Platform motor feature also has huge potential to enhance our training in our foundational exercises like squatting and hinging. Basketball players are subjected to immense forces as they move into and out of positions of ankle, knee, and hip flexion. The Platform motor can increase the speed of the spinning wheel during the eccentric portion of the exercise, facilitating higher force outputs that would be hard to mimic using any other method.
I believe the Exerfly products provide a type of stressor at an intensity that will allow us to make serious improvements in our KPIs.
We are lucky that the Exerfly company has been responsive, open minded, and eager to innovate using the feedback of coaches in the field. They are already ahead of most other companies in this particular space, and we are excited for the continued evolution!

Angus Ross Portrait
Angus Ross
World-Renowned Strength & Conditioning Coach and Researcher, 3x Bobsleigh Olympian.

“The sports that I work with predominantly are very measured, so physical performance is a prerequisite. Trying to develop that physicality has become somewhat of an obsession of mine, and I like to find ways of doing things better – which is why I use Exerfly.”
“The athletes I work with are speed and power athletes, so physical performance is a prerequisite. We’ve been using Exerfly for several years now, and the ability to train these high power qualities in different planes, rotationally, and in different aspects has been extremely advantageous. I’m using it because it works.”
“The ability to take Exerfly and travel with it has been something that I’ve never seen before, and there’s a lot of elite athletes around the globe now using Exerfly. And that’s a testimony to the company, that Exerfly has been flexible and has continued to develop.”
“Most of the movements we do in sports are not strength orientated, they’re power orientated. And most of that is high-velocity power. For somebody to jump high or run fast, it’s not a slow grinding strength like you might see in powerlifting – it’s elastic power and high-speed muscle power, and you can train both of these with Exerfly.”

Jerome Simian Portrait
Jerome Simian
Owner of Synaptic Athletics sarl. Coached athletes who medalled internationally in seven different disciplines. Coached Kevin Mayer to a world record in decathlon. 20-year career athletes have participated in eight Olympics and have made countless national team selections. He also trained successful athletes for sports as diverse as pro rugby, figure skating, skeleton judo, golf, soccer and bobsled to name a few.

When it comes to strength training equipment for my athletes, I am of the minimalistic camp. I really like the adjustable rack mounted flywheel from exerfly. First of all for its versatility as the adjustable height opens up many possibilities for different exercises as well as stressing different portions of the same exercise. It is also important that the flywheel comes with measuring capabilities and a simple app that tells you what amount of work is done which is not always the case with inertial equipment. I am grateful to exerfly for the quality of their product and the quick customer service they provide despite being exactly on the other side of the world from me.

Victoria Azarenka Portrait
Victoria Azarenka
Two-time grand slam champion, Olympic Gold Medalist and the 2012 Grand Slam winner

I like the ability to introduce a different way of training regimen into my schedule and routine. It gives my body a different way of adapting to load and intensity. Exerfly has increased power and endurance during strength sessions and explosiveness. Exerfly equipment has been a great addition to my strength component as well as strength endurance. Full body workouts are very challenging with limitless moderation of effort. I have enjoyed a lot for the communication and introduction to Exerfly and the expertise to get the best out of the equipment.

Vern Gambetta Portrait
Vern Gambetta
Vern is currently is the Director of Gambetta Sports Training Systems. He has been the a conditioning coach for several teams in Major League Soccer as well as the conditioning consultant to the US Men’s World Cup Soccer team. Vern is the former Director of Conditioning for the Chicago White Sox and Director of Athletic Development for the New York Mets. Vern is recognized internationally as an expert in training.

Exerfly is my equipment of choice in flywheel training technology. The equipment is versatile and easy to use. I have found the rack mounted unity system especially effective in my work with throwers, volleyball players and swimmers. A very versatile tool.

Scientific Studies

Researchers investigated the influence of a weekly bout of inertial squat resistance exercise offering eccentric overload on lower limb muscle power and patellar tendon complaints on over 80 basketball and volleyball players of both sexes.

They found that adding a weekly eccentric overload squat training bout to a regular basketball and volleyball exercise routine enhances lower limb muscle power without triggering patellar tendon complaints.


Training with constant resistance allows you to achieve eccentric overload, which in turn is shown to increase muscle hypertrophy, develop fast-twitch muscle fibers, increase speed, power, and explosiveness in muscles, and leads to better overall athletic performance.

Sports Performance

Mimicking sports movements and enhancing performance through eccentric training, Exerfly is the perfect option for sports teams wanting to optimize their training or needing elite equipment for traveling, group training, and reaching peak physical performance.

Rehab and Recovery

Flywheel training is scientifically proven to reduce risk of injury and aid in injury rehabilitation and joint pain, meaning that your athletes can avoid injuries or re-injuries far better than with traditional weights.


By training at speed and with constant resistance, Exerfly places an emphasis on fast-twitch muscle fiber type conversion, which are responsible for speed and power responses in high-intensity sports such as sprinting or jumping. This is hugely beneficial for sporting athletes, allowing better all-round performance and higher returns.

Exerfly’s Story

Exerfly’s Story

Est. 2016

Exerfly started off with two people with a love for fitness and software, Nick and Jordan.

Exerfly grew to a team of over 30 people just over one year, experiencing high growth whilst launching in a pandemic. We pride ourselves in constantly innovating through the feedback of our customers, which pushes us to create top of the line equipment, whilst looking to add new accessories to make Exerfly even better and break boundaries with our devices. We are constantly wanting to have the best equipment and education in the world.

We’ve got very exciting collaborations coming up as we have partnered up with leading brands and coaches that share the same values as us, we love creating projects that haven’t been done before and we work hard to exceed the expectations of our customers. Exerfly is a pioneering company that values relationships and community, our foundations lie in collaborating with people all over the world and we are constantly on the lookout for new connections to be formed.

Rehab & Physio

Reactive and responsive, Exerfly offers a tailored recovery more forgiving than static weights.


Home Users

Train your way and on your terms, right from the comfort of home


Sports Teams

Train your way and on your terms, right from the comfort of home


Athletes & Personal Trainers

The all-in-one training solution for every athlete


Performance Training Facilities

Become a market leading gym with elite training equipment, an early adopter in an industry that is rocketing to new heights


Exerfly Equipment

PNG picture of exerfly flywheel training platform


The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

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PNG picture of exerfly rack-fly


The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

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PNG picture of exerfly ultimate


The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

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PNG picture of exerfly accessories


The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy duty workouts to rehabilitation.

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