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Sports Teams

The ideal training partner to any professional sport

Mimicking sports movements and enhancing performance through eccentric training, Exerfly is the perfect option for sports teams wanting to optimise their training or needing elite equipment for travelling, group training, and reaching peak physical performance.

Used by countless professional sports teams all over the globe in the NHL, NFL, Premier League, NRL, Country Cricket, MLB teams, and a variety of other sporting and Olympic organisations, Exerfly offers the ideal training solution for athletes returning to play, keeping up general maintenance work during the season, and targeted strength and conditioning work.

Elite Training

Elite Training

Exerfly’s market-leading motorised technology gives Exerfly athletes the upper edge in their sport, maximising performance and optimising results.
With advanced technology and proven results, Exerfly is an industry leader. Using motorised technology, Exerfly enables athletes to overload eccentrically at up to 80% of the input concentric effort, meaning athletes can reach enormous force levels in the eccentric phase in a much safer way.

Eccentric overloading has enormous benefits in terms of sports performance for motor control, force absorption and building fast twitch fibres. This leads to better force production, explosiveness in speed and power athletes, and increases in strength, speed, and power, enabling athletes to maximise their athletic potential.

Travel and train with ease

Travel and train with ease

Ideal for travelling sports teams needing elite equipment on the move, Exerfly is used by professional sports teams such as the LA Dodgers when travelling during peak competition season.
More and more, it has become increasingly essential for professional sports teams to travel with their own equipment, eliminating the risk of being unable to train due to unforeseen circumstances or inability to access equipment in certain destinations.

However, frequent travel can be disorienting and unstable for players, which is why having consistent, familiar, elite training equipment available is crucial to ensure training is not compromised. Exerfly allows sports teams to bring their entire gym when they travel for an uncomplicated, stress-free portable training solution.

For the Black Caps, the New Zealand National Cricket Team and recent Cricket World Champions, the Exerfly was a real problem-solver when travelling internationally, as it meant the team could be confident that familiar, elite training equipment would be available to them no matter their destination.

Mimicking real sports movements

Mimicking real sports movements

With its emphasis on eccentric training and unlimited versatility, Exerfly mimics real sports movements in a way that traditional training cannot.
By training at speed and with constant resistance, Exerfly places an emphasis on fast-twitch muscle fiber type conversion, which are responsible for speed and power responses in high-intensity sports such as sprinting or jumping. This is hugely beneficial for sporting athletes, allowing better all-round performance and higher returns.

With Exerfly equipment, you can train movements such as throwing, kicking, rowing, swimming, swinging a bat, and more with constant resistance and time under tension.

Train multiple athletes simultaneously

Train multiple athletes simultaneously

With its ability to adapt to users rep-by-rep without the bulky weights, Exerfly is the perfect addition to any group training session.
Because Exerfly adapts to each user rep-by-rep, athletes can swap between multiple users in quick succession while still generating optimal resistance and without any lag or excessive wait times between users.

With the all-new Exerfly app, each athlete in a group training session can be given their own code to enter into the app before they begin, meaning athletes in a group training session can record their individual workout data for their specific reps. Alternatively, teams can set up circuits with various stations for individual exercises.

Professional Sports Teams

Professional Sports Teams

Used by some of the best athletes and sports teams worldwide, Exerfly takes training and performance to the next level.
Targeting eccentric training with its emphasis on power, explosiveness, speed, and strength training, Exerfly technology mimics natural sports movements and enables athletes to load up the Flywheels and control their movements in a safer manner.

Exerfly is used by professional sports teams worldwide, including the All Blacks, the LA Dodgers, the Detroit Pistons, the Wolverhampton Wanderers, the Brisbane Broncos, and more.

Injury Management

Injury Management

With an emphasis on injury prevention and management, your athletes can spend less time on the bench and more time in play.
Flywheel training is scientifically proven to reduce risk of injury and aid in injury rehabilitation and joint pain, meaning that your athletes can avoid injuries or re-injuries far better than with traditional weights.

Training force absorption and real sports movements means athletes are less likely to injure themselves in play from unfamiliar stressors occurring on the field. In the same way, Exerfly aids in rehabilitation, getting injured athletes back into action in a quicker, safer, and more efficient way.

Which Equipment is right for me?

PNG picture of exerfly flywheel training platform


  • The Platform is versatile and multipurpose, perfect for an extensive range of exercises. With a wider surface area, this makes it our most stable piece of equipment.
  • You can attach the Platform Bench, Foot Block, Squat Harness and Rope Guide, and the Platform can be used with a single or double rope set-up i.e. for Chest Presses or Hip Thrusts, where tension is needed on both sides of the bar.
  • The Platform is safe for recovering athletes and old injuries, as resistance is responsive to the performance of the athlete, making it ideal for rehabilitation and returning to play.
  • Set up the Platform in your office or workspace without the need to rent out a gym or workout space.
  • The Platform pairs well with the Rack Mount, as it caters for a wide range of exercises from the ground up, whereas the Rack Mount is great for upper body lateral and horizontal exercises.
PNG picture of exerfly portable


  • Packs down into a suitcase for easy, hassle-free transportation.
  • Easy to travel with, meaning you can easily bring it on client visits when on the road.
  • Can send it home with clients who can then follow a tailored rehabilitation plan to exercise from their own home with confidence.
  • Send and receive workout data to track client performance and monitor progress and recovery.
  • Lesser risk of injury as the Portable is easier and smoother on the joints. A versatile machine that caters for almost all clients, regardless of injury.
PNG picture of exerfly rack mount


  • Training horizontal and vertical rotational exercises is much easier than with traditional weights, allowing for more targeting exercises.
  • Targeted exercises for shoulder or ankle rehab, meaning injured athletes can access elite level equipment specially designed to assist in rotational movements and recovery.
  • Can be added to any squat rack for quick and easy set-up, making it easy to move and portable enough to take with you.
  • Pairs well with the Platform to offer a wider range of movement, including floor-mounted exercises such as deadlifts, squats, lunges, and more.
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