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Smart Home Gyms vs. Exerfly Flywheel Technology: Which Is Best For You?
Author: Nick Bolton, 10/26/2022
Smart Home Gyms are creeping into much of the discourse surrounding the future of fitness and sticki...
Eccentric Quad Exercises (Importance Of Quadriceps For Daily Life)
Author: Nick Bolton, 10/26/2022
Let’s start with the basics. Quadriceps....
Eccentric Exercise For Stability
Author: Nick Bolton, 10/18/2022
Stability has become a bit of a catch-all term, in my opinion. If someone gets hurt, "they needed mo...
Eccentric Training For Vertical Jump: Add Inches In Weeks!
Author: Nick Bolton, 9/28/2022
One of the most common metrics an athlete can measure their power and strength is performing a verti...
Eccentric Glute Exercises: Athletic Performance Benefits
Author: Nick Bolton, 9/22/2022
Professor Erling Asmussen introduced the concept of eccentric lengthening of a muscle. It was referr...
Eccentric Stretching Methods For Achilles Rehab & Performance
Author: Nick Bolton, 9/11/2022
Whether you are a weekend warrior, a high-level competitive athlete, or somewhere in between, every ...
Eccentric Hamstring Exercises: Bulletproof Against Injury
Author: Nick Bolton, 9/4/2022
Eccentric strengthening is something that many individuals are missing out on the vast benefits in g...
How Professional Tennis Players Prepare With The Exerfly
Author: Nick Bolton, 8/20/2022
Tennis is an intermittent sport with gross bodily movements within a small playing area (average dis...
Carmen Bott On Flywheel vs. Traditional Training on Change of Direction Ability
Author: Nick Bolton, 8/12/2022
In her latest Youtube video, Coach Bott discusses how flywheel resistance training stacks up against...
Chris Chase NBA Strength & Conditioning Exerfly Flywheel
Chris Chase NBA Strength Coach x Exerfly Flywheels
Author: Nick Bolton, 8/6/2022
Recently Chris Chase jumped on a podcast with Martin Bingisser and Vern Gambetta on the GAINcast to ...
Maintaining Maximal Strength In Lockdown With The Exerfly: A Case Study With Mick Byers
Author: Nick Bolton, 7/29/2022
Flywheels have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, with more and more brands ...
John Cronin On Flywheel Resistance Training
Author: Nick Bolton, 7/23/2022
John Cronin is a Professor in Strength and Conditioning at AUT University and the founder of JC Onli...
Eccentric Exercise For Older Adults
Author: Nick Bolton, 7/20/2022
Studies have established eccentric exercise as superior to concentric exercise in stimulating muscle...
How Alex Natera & NSW Institute Of Sport Use The Exerfly
Author: Nick Bolton, 7/14/2022
Alex Natera is a coach, Performance Science Manager, and Performance Consultant at Natera Performanc...
Eccentric Bicep Curls
Eccentric Bicep Curls: Sleeve Busting Arms!
Author: Nick Bolton, 5/24/2022
Eccentric exercise is a popular strength training modality. But just how easy are they to incorporat...
BLK BOX x Exerfly Press Release
Author: Nick Bolton, 5/24/2022
BLK BOX x Exerfly Press Release...
Flywheel Training Knee Health Pain
Using Flywheel Training For Long Term Knee Health
Author: Nick Bolton, 5/20/2022
Flywheel training for knee rehab, pain, health...
MindTecStore x Exerfly Press Release
Author: Nick Bolton, 5/19/2022
MindTecStore x Exerfly Press Release...
Moxy Monitor Flywheel Training Exerfly
Moxy Monitor & Exerfly Flywheel Training Integration
Author: Nick Bolton, 5/19/2022
Moxy Monitor Flywheel Training Integration...
Flywheel Training For Golf
Flywheel Training For Golf: Boost Clubhead Speed
Author: Nick Bolton, 5/18/2022
Flywheel Training For Golf: Boost Clubhead Speed...
Eccentric Bench Press: Maximize Strength & Size
Author: Nick Bolton, 5/5/2022
Eccentric Bench Press...
Eccentric Training Without A Spotter
Author: Nick Bolton, 5/2/2022
Eccentric training without a spotter...
Eccentric Deadlifts For Maximum Strength
Author: Nick Bolton, 4/29/2022
Eccentric Deadlift...
Best Home Gym Equipment For Limited Space
Author: Nick Bolton, 4/12/2022
Want a home gym? Don’t know where to start? Too many articles online on what to look for but have no...
Eccentric Triceps Extension: Key To Unstoppable Strength
Author: Nick Bolton, 4/6/2022
Eccentric triceps extensions for strength and size....
Eccentric Pull-Ups For Strength & Size
Author: Nick Bolton, 4/3/2022
Eccentric pull-ups target the descending phase of the pull-up stimulating unique eccentric adaptatio...
Eccentric Squats For Unreal Power Development
Author: Nick Bolton, 3/29/2022
Eccentric Squats...
Eccentric Calf Raise For Power Development & Rehab
Author: Nick Bolton, 3/23/2022
Eccentric calf raises...
Effects of Flywheel Training With Eccentric Overload on Standing Balance, Mobility, Physical Function, Muscle Thickness, and Muscle Quality in Older Adults
Author: Nick Bolton, 2/11/2022
A study investigated the effects of a 6-week eccentric overload flywheel training program on vastus ...
Load Quantification and Testing Using Flywheel Devices in Sports
Author: Nick Bolton, 2/10/2022
An article discussing the methodological bases for load quantification and testing using flywheel d...
James de Lacey on Flywheel Training
Author: Nick Bolton, 1/31/2022
James de Lacey writes on his blog 'Lift Big Eat Big' about how can flywheel training benefit you, an...
Customer Review of the Exerfly Platform and Portable
Author: Nick Bolton, 12/16/2021
Adam Lovegrove, certified Physiotherapist and Personal trainer, has been using flywheel training for...
Exerfly for Young Athletes
Author: Nick Bolton, 12/13/2021
Our equipment implements Flywheel training, which is scientifically supported to reduce risk of inju...
ACL Injuries and Shoulder Rehab with Exerfly
Author: Nick Bolton, 12/10/2021
Literature increasingly points to flywheel training as more beneficial to athletes in terms of deli...
Exerfly for Golfers
Author: Nick Bolton, 11/22/2021
An article discussing how Exerfly can be used by Golfers to train all year round. ...
Cheatcode: How to Train like an Elite Level Athlete
Author: Nick Bolton, 11/22/2021
Exerfly creates equipment, tried and tested by elite sports teams, that has transformed the lives of...
Exerfly, a Low-Risk Training Solution for Athletes
Author: Nick Bolton, 11/22/2021
An insight into how athletes are able to increase their forceloads over a period of time with Exerfl...
Why Athletes Need Motorized Technology
Author: Nick Bolton, 11/22/2021
An article about the features and benefits of Exerfly's motorized option and how it has driven Chris...
Flywheel vs Traditional Training
Author: Nick Bolton, 11/22/2021
Discussing key findings from scientific studies and a cross-analysis of articles which tackle the de...
How Cyclists are Excelling with Exerfly
Author: Nick Bolton, 11/21/2021
An in-depth analysis on why cyclists see improvements in their performance when incorporating Exerfl...
Interview with Andrew Maclennan, World-Renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach
Author: Nick Bolton, 5/19/2021
Andrew Maclennan shares his experience with Exerfly, and why it is the only Flywheel training equipm...
Ross Dewar: Professional Cricket and Strength & Conditioning Coach
Author: Nick Bolton, 5/14/2021
Ross Dewar has worked in Professional Cricket as a Strength & Conditioning coach since 2000, working...
Pate Young: Training Smarter AND Harder
Author: Nick Bolton, 5/10/2021
“I’ve become the trainer who trains people that can’t be trained by anyone else. Most trainers are c...
Will Collins: Behind Every World-Class Athlete, there's a World-Class Coach
Author: Nick Bolton, 12/11/2020
Behind the likes of record-breaking sprinters Tiffany Townsend, Jacob Norman, and Hezikiah Jones, is...
Journey to NBA
Author: Nick Bolton, 11/3/2020
Exerfly is proud to be working with Andre Mattson, Head of Performance for the Santa Cruz Warriors a...
Benefits of Flywheel Training, with Nick Bolton
Author: Nick Bolton, 11/3/2020
Why should Exerfly be a daily part of everyone's routine? Read more about the impressive benefits of...
Frequently Asked Questions - Motorized Technology
Author: Nick Bolton, 6/15/2020
We answer some common questions about the motorised technology on the Exerfly Platform and Rack Moun...

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