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Ross Dewar: Professional Cricket and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Ross Dewar has worked in Professional Cricket as a Strength & Conditioning coach since 2000, working with Somerset, Northamptonshire, and Worcestershire. As well as holding a degree in sports & exercise science and his UKSCA accreditation, Ross is passionate about self-improvement and helping cricketers become the best they can be physically and professionally.

Now in his 21st cricket season, Ross is the head strength and conditioning coach at the Worcester Cricket Club. He is also the co-founder of Cricket Strength – an online training program for coaches and players, helping them to bowl faster, improve strength, and move better.

Growing up, Ross was always passionate about cricket, and always strived to be the fastest bowler. Since then, he has completed his personal training, sports therapy, and fitness training courses, starting his coaching career with Somerset at the age of 20. Ross says that when he first began his coaching journey, fitness wasn’t considered an integral part of cricket like it is now. He is always refining his knowledge, connecting with the best in the industry, and studying the best players.

Ross discovered Exerfly after becoming increasingly interested in the fascial system and its role in athlete training and performance. The best way to train this system is with isokinetic machinery, such as flywheel devices. However, Ross chose the Exerfly Rack Mount due to its portability, range of angles, and specificity. “It’s especially useful for training fast bowlers. With the Exerfly, we are able to train in the sagittal plane and eccentrically overload parts of the bowling action that is not possible with any other machine.”

Ross trains his players with the Exerfly Rack Mount - performing exercises such as overhead and lateral pulls, wood chops, and thoracic rotations to target the obliques. Ross is not only focused on keeping his talented players performing at their best, he is also dedicated to keeping them injury-free. His own experience with injuries during his time as a player is a big catalyst for him to provide injured players with minimal impact options, and safer ways to continue training where possible.

We're proud to have Ross Dewar as part of the Exerfly community, and we look forward to seeing how far Exerfly can take him and his players!

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