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Exerfly, a Low-Risk Training Solution for Athletes

Exerfly has worked with leading athletes, coaches and medical teams in New Zealand about how to achieve peak performance when training for competitive cycles. Exerfly has developed the technology to set different amounts of resistance for a range of exercises that mimic real-life sports movements. In this article we discuss the benefits of our equipment and how athletes are able to increase their force loads over a period of time, depending on whether they’re in or out of season.


Athletes and sports teams around the world have relied on Exerfly to produce unparalleled results because of the users' ability to endure high force loads at high speeds. Athletes are able to determine the force load produced by the flywheel either by quickening or slowing their movements, which can be managed through the inertia plates depending on what the training goals are e.g. rehabilitation, maintenance or strength & conditioning. Rehab exercises tend to be done using smaller plates and the larger ones flywheels are used for bigger muscle groups. For example, while two to three red flywheels can already produce force loads up to 300kg (661 lbs), all of our equipment can accommodate up to seven red flywheels.  Moreover, trainers can add on our revolutionary motorised technology, where athletes can select an eccentric overload of up to 80%, which boasts the eccentric phase of the movement. Giving athletes the option to enhance their performance through the customisation of their maximal eccentric output has resulted in game-changing results for elite sports teams.


Furthermore, coaches have endorsed Exerfly’s equipment because of its safety features, as the user has full control over the flywheel, even when they are tired, as the flywheel’s movement is dependent on the force of the athlete. The athlete will not be overloaded or overworked with a lot of weight, as a single red flywheel weighs 5kg (22lbs) and is solely managed by the user’s output. With Exerfly, coaches are able to train their players to produce a lot more force at speed, maintain their base level of strength and work on explosive movements while keeping injury-free. They won’t have to endure slow 300kg/700 lbs deadlifts for significant muscle gains, which are not real sports movements outside of powerlifting and create higher chances for injuries.

Another safety feature of the Exerfly is its force absorption control, as instead of having to jump off from high heights, increasing the risk of injury, this can be easily replicated through a squat on our equipment. Exerfly allows athletes to train force absorption easily, enabling significant control over the flywheel’s force, which ensures they are not over or under training. When training in season, these metrics can be quantified through the Exerfly app and monitored by coaches remotely, creating ultimate versatility and effortless accountability.

The Equipment

Our Exerfly equipment is highly customisable and can be personalised to meet required training needs. Please reach out to our team for a free consultation where you can build a custom package to meet your athlete’s needs.

The Platform is multifunctional and multidirectional, providing comprehensive all-in-one maintenance, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning training solution. When on the road- capable of fitting into a sports bag and ready to be assembled in any space, the Portable is ideal for athletes and teams on a busy schedule who are wanting to take a gym with them wherever they go. The Rack Mount is a revolutionary piece of equipment for throwers and boxers especially, as they are able to recreate different real sporting movements at high speeds and force loads, which had been impossible to replicate with otherwise until the development of Exerfly’s motorized technology.

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