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Pate Young: Training Smarter AND Harder

“I’ve become the trainer who trains people that can’t be trained by anyone else. Most trainers are concerned with how a particular muscle is working, I am interested in how your entire body is working.”

Nashville based trainer, Pate Young, has been involved in the fitness industry as a trainer since 2000. Pate says that in the US fitness industry, there is still an overwhelming focus on training muscle and neglecting movement - based training. Within the industry, he has received push-back from other trainers who are hesitant to invest in education and the latest innovation. For Pate, he believes that embracing innovation and education is key to client success and athlete performance. His experience has been that clients and trainers who can simulate movements that they are already familiar with on the Exerfly are able to maximize their training benefits without having to spend time learning how to operate or train with the equipment. In short, Pate believes that the Exerfly maximizes training efficiency and effectiveness. “If the industry won’t invest in the latest education, let’s invest in the best tools and equipment.”

Pate’s personal fitness journey began as a competitive bodybuilder, which he stuck with for 8 years. He was what he calls “the king of second place” - winning was always slightly out of his grasp. For Pate, the experience of second and third place was the catalyst that pushed him to adopt a student mindset when it came to fitness and training. Although this brought him closer to his goals on an appearance front, inside, Pate was battling with muscle pain and strain . This spurred Pate to become more interested and informed in the muscles and fascial connections that cannot be seen and the interrelated complexities of our musculoskeletal system. This was what flipped the switch in Pate’s career, his client’s experienced greater benefits, pain - free training and he was able to help them in a more advanced capacity than ever before.

Pate’s experience in sports science, performance and nutrition has meant that in the past 20 years, he has trained in many ways. However, he believes that the Exerfly is transforming training like no other training device has before. “I am not attached to exercises like I am attached to principles. When we take the universal principles that we know to be true about all the different training disciplines – I see the Exerfly as the one thing that encompasses all of these things better than any other training implement that I’ve experienced.” For Pate, being able to get the neural connections, constant tension and a scalable workout for all abilities is game changing .

**Exerfly’s Golden Ratio** “We don’t want more concentric strength than eccentric – it’s unstable, but that’s typically what we see – athletes that have more gas than brakes. As a trainer, my client’s rarely need more gas – it’s always about developing their brakes, which comes from the eccentric strength that Exerfly can generate.”

Pate says that 99.9% of people he has encountered need eccentric strength and whilst there are a few different modalities by which to achieve this, the Exerfly is unbeatable by anything else on the market in terms of it’s usability, efficiency and design. “The versatility of the Exerfly means that I have an entire gym in my hands that I can train a multitude of different people in a multitude of different ways.”

Pate has noticed the translatable benefits of training eccentric strength in many of his clients. Pate believes that if you can perform an exercise on with free weights, then you can undoubtedly perform it on the Exerfly – Exerfly provides a safer and more effective starting point. We are excited to partner with Pate to bring Exerfly users the latest in exercise science and innovation surrounding flywheel training.

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