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Exerfly for Golfers

Comprehensive training programs for golf are periodized to provide a progressive and interactive training program, meaning the programs are broken up into three or four phases during the year, with each phase concentrating on a particular area of fitness development. For traveling golfers, this might mean playing pretty much all year round, as it might require hopping from continent to continent trying to get ahead of the weather. Wherever you go, a training program is an essential part of your season. Below is an example of a weight training program for golf playing season and how training differs periodically.

Early pre-season

Players are preparing for the season and starting to build up after the break. Emphasis is on building functional strength and some muscle bulk (hypertrophy).

Flywheel training with constant resistance allows users to achieve eccentric overload, which in turn is shown to increase muscle hypertrophy, develop fast-twitch muscle fibres, increase speed, power, and explosiveness in muscles, and leads to better overall athletic performance. Eccentric based training and specifically eccentric overload have been shown to provide improvements in strength, power, speed, change of direction ability and mobility while also reducing the risk for injury. With Exerfly, the possibilities are endless for movements within and outside golf training. With countless exercises able to be performed at a higher level than traditional gym machines, Exerfly supports a huge range of motion that includes horizontal, vertical, or diagonal movements in many different combinations.

With a strong focus on safety and injury prevention, Exerfly provides constant, adaptive resistance rep-by-rep, catering for increasing muscle fatigue and recovery. This makes Exerfly ideal for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, whether in early or late-stage musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Studies also show that Eccentric training for injured tendons leads to a reduction in pain, decreased stiffness in the tendon, increased neovascularization, enhanced neuroplasticity, and increased shielding of muscles. The Exerfly Rack-Mount and Portable Rack Mount is particularly advantageous for shoulder or upper body rehabilitation. Designed for dynamic movements, the Rack Mount facilitates the rotational exercises necessary for shoulder or rotator cuff exercises. Proven to show significant benefits for injury prevention as well as injury management, the Rack Mount’s Flywheel technology involves constant resistance, allowing for a fuller training regime that targets all parts of a movement for a rounded, quick recovery.

Late pre-season

Players are working up to the start of the season. Emphasis is on building maximum power.

Exerfly’s flywheel training and motorized Technology pushes trained golfers to increase their eccentric strength and overall speed and power. Because users can train at a quick pace and with constant load throughout the entire movement, exercising with the motorized option is a powerful addition to strength and conditioning training. Ranging up to 80% in eccentric overload, Exerfly’s Motorized Technology is ideal for top golfers performing at a high level who are looking to boost their results and train supramaximally.

With an all-new app and in-built sensor tracking data points at 4,000 times per second, golfers can monitor their workout data easily and receive feedback on every single swing. Users are given the ability to track key statistics such as force, power, speed, and torque so that their performance can be quantified through data, thus driving them to achieve better results.

In season

Competition or regular recreational golf is underway and you expect to be in peak condition. Maintenance of strength and power is emphasized.

Eccentric training using flywheels has produced a roughly 50% better-than-average improvement in adult golfers’ clubhead speed compared to previous training blocks, which utilized a Classic Periodization model (first emphasizes hypertrophy or muscle size, then strength, and then power) by manipulating sets and reps of each exercise. Golfers generally show a decrease in clubhead speed during the season due to decreased training volumes and increased playing time. In a study conducted during North Carolina’s golfing season, 65% of participants increased their clubhead speed during this 6-week study.

With force loads determined by the output of the user, Exerfly is perfect for maintenance training, as Exerfly technology mimics natural sports movements and enables athletes to load up the Flywheels and control their movements in a safer manner. Flywheel training also allows the user to control their own speed, which in turn determines the force loads generated, meaning users can self-monitor their own resistance to ensure they are not over or underloading themselves.

Closed season

Time to relax for a while but you need to keep active if you want to get a flying start for next year. Emphasis is on rest and recovery with maintenance of light activity —​ cross-training, light gym work.

A big attraction to Flywheel training is that it can be used for an enormous range of exercises, movements, and training styles with the same tailored response each time. Whether your goal is rehabilitation, maintenance, strength and conditioning, injury prevention or weight lifting, Exerfly has an all-in-one training solution that caters to all of the above, and more. With a wide range of Flywheels, golfers can alter the inertial resistance based on their goals and requirements, for example, using smaller flywheels for incremental movements and larger flywheels for strength training.


There are significant limitations in gym facilities for golfers, whereby there is a limitation in throwing, dropping or lifting weights and re-creating real sports movements. Resistance training, and eccentric overloading specifically, at any load or velocity increases the efficiency of power production for a specific sport. In golf, travel prohibits the use of high force, high-velocity exercises being performed with weighty equipment and kilos.

  • Platform: The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy-duty workouts to rehabilitation. With a versatile design that allows users to perform a full range of exercises in a small space, the Exerfly Platform caters to a wide audience. Great to have at home or in a gym facility, the Platform easily enables users to add on motorised technology for a boost in speed during the eccentric phase. Whether you’re an elite, recreational or rehabbing golfer, the Platform has something for everyone.
  • Portable: The Exerfly Portable is the ideal training solution for users on the go or training with limited space. Offering a full gym set-up, the Portable is lightweight, quick to assemble, and can be packed into a bag effortlessly for transport or storage. Golfers need to save time and storage when travelling across tournaments, and the Portable provides ultimate flexibility and convenience in training with minimal storage and setup. Featuring an optional sensor and a removable top that can be attached to any vertical structure to train rotational and lateral movements, the Portable provides a totally versatile method of training.
  • Rack Mount: The Exerfly Rack-Mount is particularly advantageous for shoulder or upper body rehabilitation and training both horizontal and vertical movements. Designed for dynamicity, the Rack Mount facilitates the rotational exercises necessary for shoulder or rotator cuff exercises. Proven to show significant benefits for injury prevention as well as injury management, the Rack Mount’s Flywheel technology involves constant resistance, allowing for a fuller training regime that targets all parts of a movement for a rounded, quick recovery. The Rack Mount can also include Exerfly’s advanced motorized technology, meaning users can take workouts to a whole new level with an increased resistance between 1-80% in the eccentric phase.

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