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With a larger footprint, the Exerfly won’t tip or become unstable. It is also more comfortable for lunges, bench presses, hip thrusts, calf raises, etc. A larger platform means a larger variety of exercises can be achieved easily.

Exerfly Platform product photo
Length 1300 mm
Height 300 mm
Width 1050 mm
Exxentric kBox4 Pro product photo
Length 980 mm
Height 230 mm
Width 630 mm

With Exerfly you’ll be able to train more movements with options such as the Bench Press, Foot Block, Rope Guide and motorised technology. Virtually unlimited training options means you’ll always have room to improve.

USD $5,874 - $9,648

USD$3,480 - $5,950 + shipping


Exerfly is a robust platform for all exercises, and the extra weight means it’s more stable for stronger athletes, unlike the KBox which usually has to be weighted down.




Aluminium, Steel

Aluminium, Steel

Number of Flywheels available

We offer 4 different sizes of Flywheels, but our unique selling point is that you can load up to 7 Flywheels simultaneously, for almost twice the inertial load.



Max inertia

You can also use up to 7 Flywheels at one time on the Exerfly Platform, meaning a massive inertial load from the combined momentum of the Flywheels for an even more intense workout.


0.28kg.m-2, plus an additional 0.12kg.m-2 with the purchase of a special knob.


All Exerfly products are easily transportable.

Yes, wheels for easy transport


Rope details

Exerfly’s rope has a breaking strain of 3000kg, and is made of highly abrasion resistant material, meaning it will last much longer, only needing to be changed every 6-12 months with regular use.

We also supply one free additional rope with all orders. Single rope, never gets tangled.

Nylon/Dyneema mix, 20mm x 2mm, customer can choose length, standard is 2.5m

Polyester belt, 1mm thick, 1.75m range of motion excl. accessories

Use for two handed exercises

The second rope can be engaged or disengaged when not in use. The extra rope makes exercises much easier and more accessible, eg. the bench press.



Sensor/Live Data

Data tracking 4000 times per second. Can send information between coaches and athletes.



Live Data transfer method

The Exerfly App works everywhere – laptop, phone, desktop, etc.



Motorised Technology

Programmatically increase eccentric overload with a boost of between 1- 80% for even greater resistance and a more intense workout.




We cover the costs of shipping, because it’s more important to us that people use the equipment.

Price includes free shipping worldwide

USD $69 – USD $199


Our products are virtually unbreakable, so you get peace of mind after 6 years of testing.

2 year warranty

1 year warranty

Money-back Guarantee

30-day money back guarantee. We’ll cover the cost of return shipping, dependent on location and terms and conditions.

30-day money back guarantee. Must cover cost of return shipping.


As community is very important to us, the co-owner Jordan Barron is contactable by his personal number +64274974940, and will be there to help each and every individual.

24/7 support, video help, face-to-face Zoom help, service providers, 2 year warranty.

Email support


Smoother and faster movements



Rope Clamp

Quick to setup and won’t get tangled.

Harder you pull, the tighter it clamps. Designed specifically for Exerfly equipment.

Harder you pull, the tighter it clamps. Designed specifically for Exerfly equipment.


Exerfly accessories allow a larger range of exercises including those for rotational, horizontal, and two-handed exercises.

Range of accessories

Range of accessories

Exerfly Equipment

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