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Exerfly Equipment at your Space

Exerfly equipment can be easily positioned in a small room or garage for home use.

Exerfly Equipment at your Space

With a small footprint and versatile design, Exerfly maximises efficiency and allows for an almost unlimited variety of exercises.

Exerfly equipment is lightweight and portable, and is easy to set up or store away when not in use. The Exerfly Portable can be quickly assembled and disassembled in less than two minutes, and can be stored in a bag or suitcase when not in use.

The Rack Mount is our smallest option and the Platform is our largest, with all three key pieces of equipment easily fitting into small corners of your home or storing neatly away when not needed.



Train from the comfort of your own house

The Rack Mount can be attached to any squat rack in your home gym. With the Rack Mount Slider accessory, you can simply pull a pin and slide the Rack Mount up and down the Rack for quicker transitions and more time under tension.

The Portable can be used as a full gym. With the ability to be attached to any vertical structure, set up the Portable anywhere you want in your home gym without having to compromise on space, and take it with you when you travel.

The Platform is a comprehensive all-in-one training solution that can be used for many different types of set-ups. With an enormous range of upper body, lower body, single hand, double hand, rotational, and horizontal movements, there’s not much you can’t do. Equipped with a set of wheels, the Platform is also completely transportable.

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Fit out your gym space with elite-level equipment

The Rack Mount can easily be mounted to any Squat Rack. Using the Slider, quickly mount the Rack Mount in any part of your facility. Compact and versatile, it can be adjusted to fit any hole distance. Set up multiple rack mounts across your centre for many different users to utilize, enabling group exercise.

The Portable can be used as a platform or can be mounted onto a squat rack. The Portable is capable of recreating a range of different exercises and is perfect for group classes. Personal trainers mainly use the Portable to showcase multiple exercises to their classes.  The portable can also be used for one on one classes to show a point of difference, or be rented out to various members outside of classes.

The Platform is the ultimate setup for different types of training. The platform can be used by multiple trainers in a performance aspect, or for particular exercises. Elevate your customer experience by connecting performance statistics from the Platform on a TV, and showing them as a leaderboard.

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Transform your office into a personal wellness centre

The Rack Mount can easily be assimilated into an office gym and can be used for a wide range of exercises with a lower barrier of entry than conventional weight machines. We can customize our equipment to fit your specifications, and we offer an interior design service for optimal layouts.  The Rack Mount can replace pulley systems for better results for your corporate wellness programs.

The Portable is ideal for smaller spaces, as it’s compact design allows it to be set-up and packed down in less than two minutes. The Exerfly Portable packs down to fit in a suitcase with room to spare, but can be used for an enormous range of exercises for both upper body, lower body, and rotational movements.

The Platform is the perfect replacement for traditional weights, as it can be used for a wide range of training. Adaptable for all types of users, the Platform is a multifunctional all-in-one-training solution that can be moved around the office gym through its set of wheels, making it easily transportable.

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Take your gym anywhere with you

The Portable is ideal for outdoor use. Able to be used as a platform or attached to any vertical structure, like a tree or a pole, enjoy your Portable for individual training or in a group setting. In absence of heavy weights, resistance adjustments are much quicker than with conventional weight training, making workouts seamless.

The Platform’s wide surface area and double-rope set-up makes it a stable piece of equipment that can be used outside. Equipped with a set of wheels at its base, it is completely transportable, and allows you to take your full gym setup wherever you want.

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Find the equipment that ticks all the boxes

Exerfly has one of the strongest offerings worldwide in Flywheel training technology to suit your business. Our brand pillars on Performance, Community, Safety and Quality.

You can also be rest assured that we’ll work with you to find the right type of equipment for your business.

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