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Exerfly – This single’s day!

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Save on long-term costs with Exerfly

The below chart shows savings based on one person using Exerfly, not accounting for group training or multiple users.

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Product image
Product image
  • 1 x Exerfly Platform
  • 1 x Sensor + App
  • 1 x Squat Harness
  • 1 x Large Flywheel
  • 1 x Medium Flywheel
  • 2 x Rope Clamps
  • 2 x Stirrup handles
  • 1 x Short bar
  • 1 x Long Bar
  • 1 x Gooseneck tablet and phone holder
Platform Size

130cm x 105cm
(51’’ x 41’’)
Top – 120cm x 95cm
(47’’ x 37’’)
Height – 31cm


Aluminum & Steel

Total 9698
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