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Introducing Exerfly’s Motorized Technology

Advanced, state-of-the-art equipment

Exerfly’s biggest point of difference, and the reason it stands out in its field, is its industry-leading Motorized Technology.
With the motorized option, athletes can take their workouts to whole new levels, unachievable with traditional weights and traditional Flywheel training

Eccentric Resistance Boost

Eccentric Resistance Boost

Exerfly’s Motorized Technology gives athletes the option to add an additional eccentric overload of up to 80%, based on the force put into the concentric phase. Overloading eccentrically can be highly beneficial in many different areas, including muscle hypertrophy and injury prevention. For example, if the user selects a 10% boost, then whatever energy they put into the concentric phase of the movement will be amplified by 10% in the eccentric phase.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Eccentric Max utilizes smart electric motor technology to provide more energy to the flywheel in the eccentric phase of a movement, based on how much energy the user produces in the concentric phase rep-by-rep.

For example, if the Eccentric Overload Boost is set to 20%, the flywheel will be given 20% more energy in the eccentric phase of a movement than it had in the concentric phase. The flywheel will spin faster, and the user will get an increased eccentric overload. The statistics in the app will reflect this.

How do you set it up?

How do you set it up?

Exerfly's Motorized Technology can be added to the Exerfly Platform or Exerfly Rack-Mount. Through the Exerfly app, athletes can simply add an eccentric overload of up to 80%.

Once on the machine, the equipment will beep several times, warning the athlete the machine is about to start. The beeps will speed up, and once the athlete is in position, the Motorized Technology will kick in during the eccentric phase with the selected overload.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Exerfly’s Motorized Technology is perfect for trained individuals who want to increase their eccentric strength and overall speed and power. Because you can train at a quick pace and with constant load throughout the entire movement, exercising with the motorized option is a powerful addition to your workout.

Ranging up to 80% in eccentric overload, Exerfly’s Motorized Technology allows elite athletes to achieve a level of unparalleled forceload for strength and conditioning. Our motorized option is ideal for elite athletes performing at a high level who are looking to boost their results and train supramaximally.

Why should I use the eccentric overload?

Why should I use the eccentric overload?

This advanced motorized technology is extraordinary for achieving and measuring high levels of eccentric overload. Traditionally, achieving eccentric overload is possible using assistance via the hands of a partner or relaxing specific braking following the full range of motion during the concentric phase. However, you are not able to select how much you are going to eccentrically overload the user.

With Exerfly's motorized technology, high loads of eccentric force is easily achievable and managed in a safe and measurable way. The eccentric overload force requires no external parties for help and can be applied throughout total movements, with the option of supramaximal if needed. Used by elite sports teams, athletes and strength trainers around the world, this motorized technology has seen success implemented in sports that require fast, explosive and powerful movements.

Why did we innovate Exerfly's Motorized Technology?

Why did we innovate Exerfly's Motorized Technology?

Being a New Zealand company, we are part of a small population, so we've had to be very innovative with our equipment when competing on the world stage in elite sport. When discussing with New Zealand leading coaches, it became apparent that the biggest point of difference and highest performance increases were when the eccentric phase was targeted and boosted for certain exercises and periods.

Athletes with traditional flywheel training are limited to a certain point, but are able to choose the eccentric overload for exercises with our equipment. We work with a variety of different sporting professionals, so we received an overwhelming positive response from coaches and athletes alike.

We responded to the demand of adding Exerfly's motorized technology to the Rack Mount as well as the Platform, and now athletes are able to now re-create a range of different sporting movements such as boxing punches and shot put throws with our equipment. This was a total game changer within the industry, as it had never been done before, and resulted in increases in sports performances and motor control.

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