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MindTecStore x Exerfly Press Release

MindTecStore is a European supplier of biofeedback products for both personal and commercial consumers. Founded in 2010, MindTecStore is based in Linden, Germany and specialises in helping customers manage their everyday health problems such as stress relief and mental health. Offering the latest technology and related solutions, Mindtecstore strives to improve well-being sustainably through offering a wide range of high quality and innovative biofeedback and neurofeedback products, wearables, neuro priming kits and medical technology. In addition, MindTecStore counts on medical professionals such as doctors, clinics, and institutes from the field of research and development among their clientele. At MindTecStore, you can find sportswear with integrated sensors, bio and neurofeedback devices, affordable medically approved heart rate measurement (ECG) equipment, unique gaming robots and much more.

In 2022, MindTecStore announced themselves as a distributor for Exerfly, consolidating itself as an official distributor center in Central Europe. European customers can now browse through a large selection of Exerfly equipment and accessories through the MindTecStore website, and enjoy free technical support, quick shipping from their Germany distribution centre as well as various payment options. Customers can enjoy a free demo on how to use Exerfly and the science behind flywheel training through the MindTecStore website.

Browse MindTecStore's website for Exerfly equipment here:


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