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Exerfly Flywheel Training Platform
Multi-use equipment to take your training to the next level

Your all in one training solution

Increase the eccentric overload to achieve super-maximal force loads

0 - unlimited lbs/kg

Achieve unlimited amount of force

Unlimited movements

Two pulley system which can include a bench press and foot block

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Introducing the Platform

Introducing the Platform

Your all-in-one training solution
The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use flywheel training platform built for everything from heavy-duty workouts to rehabilitation. The Platform features carefully engineered high-quality hybrid ceramic bearings, ensuring friction is reduced so users can achieve maximum speed and response. We also use a single rope system to prevent tangling during workouts, allowing for a smooth and seamless experience.

With a versatile design that allows users to perform a full range of exercises in a small space, the Exerfly Platform caters to a wide audience. Whether you’re an elite athlete, a sports team, a home user wanting to build fitness, or a recovering athlete doing physio or rehabilitation, the Platform has something for everyone.

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Unlimited Versatility

Unlimited Versatility

With the Exerfly Platform, you can perform an unlimited range of exercises in a compact space, including upper body, lower body, horizontal and dynamic movements.

The wide surface area, double-rope set-up, Platform bench, foot block, and rope guide mean you can perform a broader range of exercises such as chest presses, lateral lunges, seated rows, and hip thrusts; virtually unachievable with any other Flywheel training equipment.

Constant, variable resistance

Constant, variable resistance

With Flywheel training, resistance is constant at all points of the movements in both the concentric and eccentric phase - for example, in both the upward and downward motion of a bicep curl the force is constant.

The amount of force you put into the concentric phase is the amount of force you’ll get back in the eccentric phase – so the harder and faster you work, the harder and faster the resistance, and vice versa. Rep-by-rep, Exerfly adjusts to your movements, whether you’re rehabilitating or strength training.

Starting at 9698
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Unbreakable by design

Unbreakable by design

The Exerfly Platform is virtually unbreakable, designed to withstand huge amounts of force. It is incredibly durable, and over the last 6 years of manufacturing, we’ve never had an Exerfly break – probably due to the extreme care and attention we use to handcraft each piece of equipment, right here in New Zealand.

The Exerfly Platform has been carefully engineered with high-quality materials to ensure the best results. Using steel shafts to ensure long-lasting use, the Platform also features super-smooth hybrid ceramic bearings ensuring friction is reduced so the athlete can achieve maximum speed and response with every workout.

Advanced Motorized Technology

Advanced Motorized Technology

Exerfly’s advanced Motorized Technology offers an optional eccentric increase of up to 80%, allowing athletes to generate a measurable eccentric overload that pushes them further than even traditional Flywheel training allows.

Without the motor, the eccentric force generated in an exercise will be slightly less than the force put into the concentric phase due to energy loss. However, with the motor set at 10%, the eccentric force coming back will be 10% more than what you put into the concentric phase. You can also set the motor to adjust over several different movements, for example, if you’re going from hip thrusts to bicep curls.

Quick Change Weights

A girl exercises on the exerfly flywheel training platform at home

Quick Change Weights

In absence of heavy weights, resistance adjustments are much quicker with Exerfly than with conventional weight training, making it ideal for group training sessions where you can get through several athletes and movements very quickly. Up to seven large Flywheels (or 0.7kg·m²) can be used at a time, secured by a special screw cap to ensure that the Flywheels remain tightly fastened.

The Exerfly Flywheels are available in four different inertial loads:

In-built Real-Time Feedback

In-built Real-Time Feedback

The Exerfly Platform is the only piece of equipment that automatically comes with an in-built sensor, allowing real-time data and statistics from a workout to be sent to the user's mobile phone or computer.

The in-built sensor tracks progress and monitors athletic performance in real-time, sending rep-by-rep data straight to the Exerfly app for effortless accountability. You can then share your results directly with your coach, or export the data into an Excel or CSV document. Users can log into the Exerfly app as either trainers or athletes, allowing further customisation on different programmes based on their desired goals.

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Scientific Studies

Scientific research on flywheel training

Scientific Studies

With years of scientific research behind it, Flywheel training has been shown to produce incredible results in terms of strength and power increases.

A meta-analysis was conducted across 20 studies, aimed to identify the effects of Flywheel training on multiple strength-related variables affecting athletic performance. It found that during a period of 4-24 weeks, Flywheel training showed statistically significant increases in all strength aspects. You can read the full study here .


  • Material

    Powder coated Aluminium, Steel, Plastic

  • Size

    1300mm x 1050mm (51" x 43")

  • Weight

    40kg/88lbs (excl. accessories)

  • Resistance

    Unlimited amount of resistance

  • Power


  • Optional Motor

    110-240v supply (110v will only supply 2/3 of output power)

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