Professional Flywheel Training Equipment

Flywheel training with Exerfly helps top athletes and sports teams get the edge over the competition.

Backed by science and real results, Exerfly flywheel technology will make you stronger, move faster, avoid injury and help take your performance to the next level.

What do you want to achieve with your sport and fitness goals?

What do you want to achieve with your sport and fitness goals?

Get faster and stronger, Beat the competition, Get into a better team, Make more money, Look and feel better, Success!

How Exerfly can help

Sports professionals know the benefits of eccentric training and what it can do for their results. 1000’s of scientific studies and articles back this up.

Exerfly not only enhances your eccentric training but it takes you many steps beyond.

  • Improve functional strength directly transferable to activity
  • Help your body absorb forces for injury resilience
  • Strengthen multiple movement patterns in multiple planes of motion
  • Improve strength, speed, power, and overall fitness
  • Condition your entire body versus working one muscle in isolation
  • Strengthen your body without compressing your joints

The problem with traditional weights is that it's difficult to achieve effective eccentric training.

But eccentric training is important because your muscles are much stronger in the eccentric phase of a movement and those muscles are used to their full capacity when doing your sport.

If you’re not training your muscles effectively, you can’t expect great results and you put yourself at risk of injury.

What is eccentric training?

What is eccentric training?

Let's have a refresher on eccentric training (some people call them negatives).

The eccentric phase of a movement is when your muscles lengthen in a movement. So for example, when doing a bicep curl, your muscle lengthens when the weight is going down, or when running, your hamstring is lengthened when your front foot is in the downward movement.

Eccentric training focuses on this last portion of the movement when the muscle lengthens, making it more challenging by forcing you to slow down the speed and absorb the force to stop the weight moving at the end of the eccentric phase.

People tend to 'drop' traditional weights with gravity and therefore get minimal eccentric stimulation. Even then, it's difficult to overload the muscles eccentrically without assistance from another user.


More effective strength training with Exerfly

With Exerfly Flywheel training and its market leading motorized technology, Exerfly introduces a reliable and challenging method of eccentric strength training that optimizes performance, reduces risk of injury, and pushes athletes further than traditional equipment ever could.

  • Mimics the natural movements you do in sport so you can train your muscles at the same intensity as in your sporting movements and even supramaximally.
  • Your muscles, tendons and ligaments get constant resistance at all the angles and planes that your body moves - this doesn't happen with traditional equipment.
  • Train at both high speed and high load over the full range of movement - athletes tell us this is a huge benefit for them.
  • Easily overload the eccentric phase of a movement to get the most muscle adaptation.
  • Great for rehab and injury prevention as many injuries occur during eccentric movements in sport when the muscles are not used to the load they're put under.
  • Vary the resistance by pulling harder. The harder you pull, the harder it pulls back.
  • Get instant feedback with useful metrics via the app (IOS, Android, Web)

If you want to perform at the top of your game and win, you know you need to be dedicated and work hard.

Flywheel training with Exerfly equipment can help you achieve your sport and fitness objectives, whether it’s for maintenance, for new users or pro athletes.

What does Flywheel training feel like?

What does Flywheel training feel like?

Imagine lifting a weight up and down, but the force is constant all the time. There are no easy parts or rests. It feels quite challenging but you instantly know you’re getting a better quality experience.

You can increase the intensity significantly by pulling harder, and it will respond by pulling harder back. At high speed and high loads, you’re going to get fatigued very quickly as your muscles are overloaded to the max.


Exerfly Platform

The Exerfly Platform is a stable, multi-use training platform built for everything from heavy-duty workouts to rehabilitation.

The Platform caters for a limitless range of exercises within a small footprint, with an optional motor that allows users to add up to an 80% boost in the eccentric phase of movement.


Exerfly Portable

The Exerfly Portable is a lightweight and robust piece of equipment, ideal for home use or athletes and sports teams traveling on the go. Its compact size makes it the lightest Flywheel training equipment available on the market, perfect for slipping into your suitcase and taking with you on the road.

When access to a gym is not an option, the Portable provides the ultimate elite training solution without compromising on quality


Exerfly Rack-Mount

The Exerfly Rack Mount is simple, yet versatile equipment that can be attached to any gym rack to train horizontal, vertical, and rotational movements.

This makes it ideal for upper body rehabilitation or training, including shoulders, arms, torso, or hips.


Go next level with Exerfly motorized technology.

Want to really challenge yourself? Exerflys motorized technology lets you choose the eccentric overload from 1-80% more than the concentric phase, meaning it will take significantly more strength to slow the flywheel down.

You'll train harder than ever before and reap the benefits.


What does it feel like?

What does it feel like?

At small overloads (Under 10%) you’ll feel it pull slightly harder. When you start to get to 20% and above, it can be very fast, intense and quickly fatiguing. The harder you pull, the harder it pulls back and there are no rests or easy parts.

If you want to be top of your game, you’ll need the best training equipment that pushes you to your limits and the Exerfly Motorized technology is all that. Definitely not recommended for untrained, injured, or elderly individuals.


Get feedback with the Exerfly App

Get feedback with the Exerfly App

Exerfly equipment includes an easy to use app for IOS, Android and in your web browser. The app controls the equipment and helps you to monitor statistics such as velocity, time, force, power, energy, torque, RFD, momentum, angular momentum and weight moved for each rep, concentrically and eccentrically.

The science behind flywheel training

From increased strength, hypertrophy, muscle type conversion to fast twitch and eccentric overload to injury prevention and rehabilitation, there are numerous scientific studies that support the many benefits of Flywheel training.


Flywheel training is for everyone

Flywheel training with Exerfly is a much better way of training your muscles effectively. Not only can you do more with one piece of equipment instead of lots of single use machines and weights, you’ll get better results in less time.

If you value your health, time and space, you’ll find the investment in Exerfly equipment will pay for itself many times over.

Rehab & Physio

Reactive and responsive, Exerfly offers a tailored recovery more forgiving than static weights.


Home Users

Train your way and on your terms, right from the comfort of home


Sports Teams

Train your way and on your terms, right from the comfort of home


Athletes & Personal Trainers

The all-in-one training solution for every athlete


Performance Training Facilities

Become a market leading gym with elite training equipment, an early adopter in an industry that is rocketing to new heights


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